Orlando Relocation Guide


Tips for Finding Apartments

There are lots of factors that go into finding the right Orlando apartment. You've got to find an apartment that matches your budget and your lifestyle!

Buying vs Renting in Orlando
6 Questions to Ask When Touring an Apartment

Getting Around Orlando

Orlando has lots of options for getting around.  Here are some great resources for avoiding traffic and getting where you're going quickly.

Orlando Roads & Highways
Transportation Options
Orlando Area Neighborhood Guide

Packing & Moving Tips

Now that you've decided to make the Orlando area your home, it's time to plan your move and setup your utilities.

How to Choose a Moving Company | Prepare for Moving Day
Tips for Moving Day | Moving Checklist

Making the Orlando Area Your Home

Orlando is so much more than just theme parks. You'll need to venture out from your apartment every once in a while to discover this for yourself.

Orlando Walking & Biking Trails
Central Florida Top 5 | Yelp Orlando

What am I Missing?

Your to-do list is done (or you're procrastinating by reading this right now), and you're asking yourself "what else?"

Orlando Renters Insurance
Living Green in your Orlando apartment
Forwarding Your Mail  | Setting up Utilities

Schools Serving Orlando Area Apartments

One of the best perks of renting apartments is your ability to live in a great school zone. Use our guide to find the perfect apartment zoned for the perfect school.

Orlando Apartments Near Good Schools