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Whether you're looking for on Alafaya Trail or more traditional apartment a little further away from The University of Central Florida, has you covered when it comes to apartments near UCF main campus. We know that signing an apartment lease is one of the biggest decisions you'll make this year, and that the place you choose needs to be the right fit.

Consider your cheat sheet to apartments near UCF. We make it incredibly easy for you to find a place that will actually suit you, giving you the information and insight you need to make the best decision for you. Save the worrying for making good grades. With the help of our tools and expertise, you can be sure you'll find apartments near UCF that are fit for a student attending Orlando's emerging preeminent research university.

The Experts on Apartments near UCF

Each member of the team has lived in apartments near UCF main Campus at some point in our lives. Many of us have actually lived in a number of student apartment communities. We know the importance of having an all inclusive apartment during your busy college years. We also know the feeling of wanting to find a more traditional apartment further away from the university. Whether you’re looking for UCF apartments priced by the bed or Orlando apartments priced by the apartment, our search will lead you to the UCF apartment that you’ve been looking for.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

When should I sign my lease for Fall move-in at UCF apartments?

Student apartments in Orlando can help you reserve your space for an August move-in date up to 12-months in advance. You'll find the best apartment deals and the most availability earlier in the season, as soon as January. We highly recommend signing a lease before March, as availability is limited in the UCF area and apartments start to sell out early. You can use the Check Availability tool on to check whether your favorite floor plan is still available for Fall move-in.

Can I tour apartments near UCF virtually?

Yes, you can absolutely tour apartments without visiting in person! We have added video tours to many 407apartments listings so you can tour from home while honoring distancing recommendations. Did you know you can also schedule personal virtual tours with the leasing team at your favorite apartment? Just use the Schedule A Tour button to set up a day and time that works best for you.

If my roommate does not pay their UCF apartment rent, will I be responsible?

One of the major perks of choosing UCF off-campus housing is the fact that student communities in the UCF area offer individual, by-the-bedroom leases. With an individual lease, you'll only ever be responsible for your portion of the rent and utilities. As a bonus, most individually leased apartments offer roommate matching, so if you haven't found your future roomies yet, they'll be able to match you with students who have a similar lifestyle.

What is the parking situation at UCF off-campus housing?

Most off-campus apartment communities around The University of Central Florida have plenty of parking spots for their residents. You'll find a mix of parking garages, flat lot parking, and covered (car port) options at UCF student housing. Parking passes for UCF campus can add up each semester, so if you're looking to save some money be sure to look for apartments on the UCF Shuttle Route, which provides free rides to UCF campus for student ID holders. Don't forget to ask if parking at your future apartment is included with the monthly rent, as it may be an additional fee. 

Your Apartment Questions Answered

  • What celebrations are happening near my Orlando apartment this Spring?

    Near Orlando apartments and throughout Florida, Spring has arrived, and the temperature is certainly rising. With this change, many Floridians are getting out of the house and participating in festivals and celebrations. Whether it be a festival, play, or city event, there are so many ways to get out and have fun in Orlando this Spring. You might have been wondering how you can get involved, whether the events are free or not, and when they take place. I've compiled a small list of different... Read More »

  • How can I be a better roommate in apartments near UCF?

    As this semester at the University of Central Florida is progressing, you've probably spent a significant amount of time in your apartment near UCF. You've also already met your roommates and gotten to know them. However, you might have asked yourself throughout the year how you can be a better roommate, or formulated ways others could be. Remember, it's never too late to positively alter your living situation and your roommate relationships. Here are some crucial, easy steps to intrinsically... Read More »

  • Any tips for spring cleaning in my Orlando apartment?

    If you're a first time shopper for student apartments near UCF, there's a good chance that you're preparing for your first time living away from home. If this is true, you may not realize that apartment living requires effort to keep your space from becoming dirty and cluttered. Even for those with apartment experience, the idea of cleaning and upkeep can be intimidating. It's hard to know how often you need to clean your living space; often our maintenance and cleanliness habits are formed... Read More »

  • I'm getting a cat soon! How do I prepare my UCF apartment?

    Despite the bad reputation cats have across the internet for being cold, aloof, and uncaring, taking care of a cat in apartments near UCF can be one of life's biggest joys. While cats can sometimes act standoffish or shy, they also have the capacity to be incredibly loving, and there's nothing like waking up to the sound of your cat's purr to let you know. But you can't suddenly become a cat person without any preparation. You may not have to walk your cat, but they still require a fair... Read More »

  • What are the benefits of living on the upper floors of UCF apartments?

    When choosing from apartments near UCF, there are a lot of factors to keep in mind: floor plan, affordability, distance from the University of Central Florida campus, and more. A detail that often gets left up to last-minute decision is which floor you want to live on. While your floor may seem inconsequential, it can have a big impact on your experience living in UCF apartments. Although opinions on the superior floor vary from person to person, this article will outline some of the benefits... Read More »

  • I was invited to a secret Santa gift exchange and I have a strict budget limit. What are some inexpensive gift ideas?

    In December, students often plan secret Santa gift exchanges to get into the holiday spirit with their friends before they go home to celebrate with their family members. If you attend the University of Central Florida, chances are you will attend a gift exchange this year or sometime soon.Normally, the rules of a gift exchange boil down to a few simple things: staying within a specified price range, nobody knowing who their secret Santa is, and everyone getting a gift. If all these things are... Read More »

You can find
Student Apartments

College students thrive when they're in the right environment. While you're working on your degree in Orlando, will help you find student housing with amenities like study rooms and computer labs. You can also find UCF apartments that offer resident activities like breakfast during exams or great social activities designed to help you meet new friends.

You can find
All-Inclusive Apartments lets you search for all-inclusive UCF apartments. These apartments provide cable, water, sewer, and trash removal. In most cases, the renters will also receive free electric usage up to a reasonable cap. The best part? You don't have to worry. Pay your rent, and you're set.

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Roommate Matching

Need a roommate? UCF has more students enrolled on campus than any other school in the nation, so you have no shortage of other students to choose from. Luckily, most apartments near UCF, especially the ones priced “by the bed,” provide free roommate matching as part of their service. They will give you a short questionnaire about the way that you live (ie: smoke free, quiet, or partier), and they'll use your answers to match you with other UCF Knights who have similar living habits.

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Off-Campus Apartments

As Florida's largest university, the University of Central Florida is a competitive market for student renters in search of off-campus apartments. Take advantage of our map-based UCF apartment search and distance tools to map your route to your first class of the day, whether it be by foot, bike, or the UCF shuttle. So you can get to your college classes, fast!