Apartments with Electric Car Charging Stations in Orlando, FL

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Apartments with Electric Car Charging Stations in Orlando, FL

Apartments with Electric Car Charging Station

For residents who own an electric car, also known as electric vehicle or EV, apartments with electric car charging stations in Orlando, FL are an exceptionally convenient and useful feature. You can expect to find these stations in luxury and energy efficient apartments that are likely to include other impressive amenities and green-living perks.

What Can I Expect from an Electric Car Charging Station?

Demand for electric cars is increasing around the world, particularly in the United States; in 2015, there were almost 300,000 electric cars on the road. To expand their reach and offer the latest technology to residents, apartments communities are catching up to this trend by providing electric vehicle charging stations directly within the community for resident use. This premium amenity is generally included or installed in certain parking spots or areas that are equipped with the proper wiring for use of this electricity. Typically, residents will be responsible for paying for the electricity used to charge their car each time, which will be separate from their monthly utility bills. However, there are some arrangements where the service is offered to a single resident that requests it, with a one-time activation fee and a continuing monthly subscription fee regardless of frequency of use. Once the resident moves out, the station is deactivated until a new resident has a use for it. Since this is a relatively new amenity, it is important to ask your landlord detailed questions about use and fees to understand what is included.

If you have interest in a community that does not include an electric car charging station, you may be able to request an EV charger by presenting compelling information to the landlord, like this helpful guide to "more plugged-in tenants." If you have roommates with electric cars or know of several neighbors with this need, your landlord may be more likely to consider installing this amenity.

Benefits of Apartments with Electric Car Charging Stations

Having an electric vehicle station right next to your apartment or within your community can provide a more stress-free commute and rental living experience. You will not have to worry about locating the nearest charging stations in your town and parking your car there for several hours. While homeowners who own electric vehicles are able to install charging stations within their property, apartment renting residents may struggle to charge their cars without a personal station. By including this amenity in the community, apartment living may be convenient and practical option for EV owners.

If you have always wanted an electric car but didn't want to purchase a home, this is a great opportunity to transition to this lifestyle. Although electric or hybrid cars may be more expensive initially, electricity is much cheaper than fuel and helps reduce carbon emissions that harm the environment. Apartments with electric car charging stations can help you take the next step towards green-living and saving money on your car expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do apartments in Orlando have electric car charging stations?

Although electric cars are becoming more popular, this is still not an amenity you can find at every apartment community. In fact, the list of apartments with specific charging stations isn't very long. You will have the most luck finding this amenity at a new apartment. We suggest asking the leasing team if they have a car charging station, or have any other suggestions on how to best charge your car on site.

How can I charge my electric car at an Orlando apartment?

A select list of apartments have electric car charging stations throughout Orlando. Since you can likely charge your electric car with a standard outlet, renting a private garage may be a good solution for charging your car. When speaking to the leasing team at the communities you are interesting in leasing an apartment at, we suggest asking about charging options throughout the community.

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