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A creative mind often puts so much pressure in one area, it can be difficult to focus and make the right decisions. We know you'll do thorough research before choosing the perfect place of inspiration from the apartments near Full Sail.

A simple list of available apartments just won't cut it for you.

407apartments.com will give you the tools you'll need to narrow down dozens of Full Sail apartments into the one that really fits YOU. You've already spent plenty of time and effort on deciding the best school for you.  Now, let us help you decide on the best Full Sail apartment.

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With 25+ years in the marketing & apartment industry, it's the team at 407apartments.com that will really impress you. As local residents & creatives ourselves, we know the city like we've lived here our whole lives (and many of them have).

Our team has also invested countless hours meeting with apartment managers and touring apartments. Our goal is to provide Full Sail students with the most comprehensive and accurate apartments listings available. The result? In many cases, 407apartments.com will paint a better picture of life in a Full Sail apartment than you’ll find on a community’s actual website.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can I tour apartments near Full Sail University virtually?

Yes, it is easier than ever before to tour apartments without showing up for an in-person tour. Many listings on 407apartments include video tours, virtual 360 tours, and tons of photos of the community's amenities and apartment interiors. Most leasing teams will also schedule private virtual tours via FaceTime, Skype and other video services so you can tour the community and ask the team any questions you may have. Call the communities you're interested in to set up a day and time that works with your schedule.

Can I lease an individual bedroom at an apartment near Full Sail University?

The closest apartments to Full Sail are leased by the entire apartment. However, there are quite a few student housing communities near UCF that are within 10-15 minutes of the Full Sail campus. These apartments offer individual by-the-bedroom leases, which means you share common areas with roommates and are only responsible for your portion of the rent.

What questions should I ask leasing agents during my tours of apartments near Full Sail?

There are a lot of questions that are on your mind as you think of renting your new apartment. We suggest keeping a list of questions you want to remember to ask handy on your phone. Here are a few important topics you may want to add to your list: guarantors, security deposits, acceptance criteria, utilities, lease terms, and pet policies.

Will I need to bring a car to my Full Sail apartment?

If you're moving from a walk-able city, Orlando can be a bit of shock when it comes to its lack of walk-ability. There are a few apartment options within walking distance to campus. Even if you choose a nearby apartment, you will still want a form of transportation to get around town. Finding an apartment with a LYNX bus stop close by may be a good alternative to bringing a car.

Your Apartment Questions Answered

  • My new Full Sail apartment has an outdoor kitchen, how should I use it?

    Exploring Full Sail Apartments Full Sail apartments stand out for their luxurious amenities, featuring everything from sparkling pools to theater rooms and outdoor kitchens. With a plethora of upscale offerings, these apartments epitomize luxury living in Orlando. Maximizing Outdoor Kitchens Outdoor kitchens in Full Sail apartments typically boast top-of-the-line barbecue grills, presenting residents with the perfect opportunity to indulge in outdoor cooking. While the prospect of grilling... Read More »

  • Are there any theatres or shows playing near my Full Sail apartment?

    Whether you are entertaining family from out of town, looking for fun things to do with friends, or searching for entertainment near your new Full Sail apartment, going to a show or play is a great option! Learning to appreciate the arts is as simple as purchasing a ticket to a local show or theatre production and having an open mind. You might not know you are a fan of drama and theatre until you experience the thrill of seeing a live show for the first time! Orlando is a mecca for talented,... Read More »

  • I love retro finds. Where can I shop vintage near Full Sail apartments?

    Everyone loves to save money, and it's even better when you can do it right from your Full Sail apartment. If you're looking to make budget cuts, you may want to look into buying used clothing and furniture. Used items are often far less expensive than their brand-new counterparts, and they often maintain the same quality, so many savvy shoppers find that it gets them the most bang for their buck. Buying used clothing is also great for the environment because rather than adding to the issue of... Read More »

  • What are the best tips for getting the cheapest price for gas near Full Sail apartments?

    With constant fluctuations in Florida's economy, it's very common to see gas prices go up and down. Normally, you might not pay attention to how expensive gas is in the area until you reach the pump. To avoid the stress of being forced to go to the last pump in town during a gas shortage or having no choice but to get more expensive gas because your gas tank is almost empty, you can take precautionary steps to avoid these situations instead. There are, however, other ways to avoid needing to... Read More »

  • It's getting hotter outside. Where can I get more sun near my Full Sail apartment?

    Summer is fast approaching here in Florida, and it is a perfect time to get more vitamin D (with sunscreen protection, of course). Even though you love living in your apartment near Full Sail University, you might be wondering what things you can do to get out of the apartment more and soak up the sun. Maybe you're also looking for apartments with sunny amenities, so you don't have to drive somewhere else. More than working on your tan, these suggestions will show a wide range of ways to soak... Read More »

  • What are some tips for keeping plants in my Full Sail apartment?

    If you're the type of person with a strong nurturing instinct but you can't find any pet friendly apartments near Full Sail, keeping plants can be a rewarding and fulfilling venture. There are many benefits to owning plants! They generate clean air to keep your apartment feeling fresh, and they don't require a lot of effort to keep. Unlike four-legged pets, your plants don't need to be taken on walks or fed twice a day; all they need is the right amount of water and sunlight to flourish.... Read More »

You can find
City View Apartments

One of the perks of living in a big city like Orlando is the skyline; it's what you trade the sometimes horrible traffic for! That's why there are plenty of apartments near Full Sail that also offer you a full view of the city. 

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Green Apartments

Captain Planet doesn't have to frown on your new abode when you choose to live in one of the many Full Sail apartments that boast eco-friendly features. From recycling to energy efficiency, your inner (or outer) environmentalist will certainly be pleased.

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Pet Friendly Apartments

Who could break the bond between man and man's best friend? It's no wonder so many apartments near Full Sail are pet-friendly, with lakes & parks that are walking distance. You can find a place that speaks to you.

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Tools That Work

Don't forget our interactive neighborhood guide. This is a great option to check out the area before you get to Orlando and see all there is to do. We even have a relocation guide to help you with everything from moving to activities. It couldn't be easier to find your new space.