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Orlando Apartments with Extra Storage Space

Most residents will not realize the many benefits of living in an apartment with an exterior storage closet until they live in a unit without this extra space. Throughout the years, we gather so many mementos, household items, furniture pieces, keepsakes and well…stuff! While we may not necessarily plan on displaying all these items in our apartment homes, we do not necessarily want to get rid of them, especially if they hold sentimental value or serve a purpose. This is where an outdoor storage closet comes in handy! 

What are some of the benefits of exterior storage closets?

The most apparent benefit of apartments with exterior storage closets is the extra space. These closets range in size, anywhere from a small alcove with shelves to a full walk-in sized space or even a full storage unit. They are typically found right outside the front entrance of your private entrance of the apartment. Some outdoor storage closets may be found on the back porch of an apartment, located either directly off of the balcony or back porch. Sometimes, these storage spaces are found in a separate location, possibly in the case of a community which offers storage units. While most outdoor storage closets are included in the price of your rent, the larger units may cost an extra monthly fee.

Finding the perfect apartment with an exterior storage closet will depend highly on your storage needs. Many residents only have a few items that they need to store outside of their interior apartment. These items can include vacuum cleaners, boxes of old collectibles and even unused appliances. In this case, you may only need a small closet. Keep in mind, however, that any items you store, such as furniture, will most likely not be in a temperature controlled environment. These outdoor storage closets typically do not have any air conditioning or heat source, so take extra precaution when storing items that may melt, freeze or damage in extreme hot or cold temperatures.

If you have a lot of items to store, then searching for apartments with exterior storage closets that are on the larger side may be the best bet for you. Some of these outdoor spaces have enough room to store items such as a bicycle, larger appliances and larger pieces of furniture. Some of these outdoor spaces can even house a separate laundry room, so it contains storage alongside your washer and dryer. If you have items that you would usually store in a garage that do not necessarily need to be kept indoors, then a larger outdoor storage closet may be perfect for you. If you have even larger items, such as a scooter or a tool bench, then finding a community which offers the separate, storage unit-type space may be something you are interested in.

Just like any space in your apartment, having an outdoor storage closet is useless if you do not have an organization plan. Do not fall into the trap of simply throwing all of your excess items into the closet because you run out of storage inside. Having a good organizational plan for this added value space can really help you in the long run. 

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