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Rollins College Apartments in Winter Park, FL

Rollins College Apartments

For students searching for Rollins off campus housing, 407apartments can help you find the perfect Rollins apartment to fit your lifestyle and budget. There are tons of places to rent in the area around Rollins, and 407apartments can help you to find something that fits your needs. Our unique search will help you to narrow your Rollins off campus housing search with categories like rent, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, pet policies and much more. We want to make finding Rollins apartments near campus as simple as possible.

Finding Winter Park apartments near Rollins will help to eliminate the need to park on Rollins campus. It will also be in walking distance to Park Avenue, Hannibal Square, and Winter Park Village. Not to mention that by living in Rollins off campus housing in nearby Rollins apartments give you a chance to expand your college experience beyond Rollins on campus housing.

Check out the 407apartments neighborhood guide for more information about renting Rollins apartments in the Winter Park neighborhood. Each apartment listing gives a detailed local review, detailed listing of the amenities, nearby entertainment, photos, floor plans and more.

FAQ About Rollins Off Campus Housing

What are the benefits to living in Rollins off campus housing versus on campus housing?

If you want your own room and living space, it is actually cheaper to live off campus. This has to do with two factors when you live on campus at Rollins: you are required to purchase a meal plan on top of your room rate, as well as, be locked out of your room or dorm during the winter and summer breaks.

Renting a Rollins apartment off campus gives students the space and freedom they may need from the dorm and roommate lifestyle. After a year or two, having a dorm mate, constantly being on campus, living by strict campus rules, and eating campus food gets old and frustrating. Plus, if you are serious about your studies, living off campus in an apartment near campus is the way to go. It is the best way to boost your GPA and avoid loud late nights and constant distractions.

How close is Rollins to downtown Orlando?

Rollins is about a fifteen minute drive from downtown Orlando. If you are looking for an apartment in downtown Orlando, it is definitely a doable commute. However, keep in mind that it would mean being in a completely different area and neighborhood than most of the Rollins students. Another thing to consider is that the apartment communities downtown tend to be high-rise luxury communities with hundreds of young professionals and businessmen. It's recommended that you when looking for a Rollins apartment close to campus, you search for an apartment community with other Rollins off campus housing students that is located close to Winter Park.

What is Park Avenue?

In the heart of Winter Park, much of the action happens on Park Avenue. It is located directly across from campus, which is why many Rollins Students head to the Avenue for entertainment. It is full of trendy upscale shops and over a dozen types of yummy restaurants. From Thai food to frozen yogurt, there are plenty of options for food on Park Avenue, Winter Park.

The Central Park can be found in the middle of Park Avenue and is where almost all the holiday, awareness, and other festivals and events occur year round. About once a month they even do a movie in the park where people picnic and enjoy a film on the projector. It is a great area to walk through in between window shopping.

Park Avenue of Winter Park is one of the busier areas of Winter Park and there are a lot of different apartments around that area as well. It is a great place for students who live in Rollins off campus housing or on campus housing. It is an especially fun area to live in for Rollins College students in general, so be sure to check out the 407aapartment search for Rollins apartments near Park Avenue.

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