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Apartments on the UCF Shuttle Route

UCF Shuttle

The Universiy of Central Florida shuttle is the most convenient way for students to get around the UCF area - and it's free with a UCF student ID! The UCF shuttle picks up at the front of 22 apartments near UCF campus. With on-campus, off-campus, grocery, Rosen Campus, Health Sciences Campus, and Gameday routes, there's a shuttle that can get you where you need to go around campus! Hop on the shuttle to get to popular destinations on campus quickly and safely. You can also use your time on the UCF shuttle to catch up on last minute studying or use the time to socialize with other UCF students on the shuttle.

Here are the top 3 reasons students are choosing apartments on the UCF shuttle route:

Parking on UCF Campus Can Be a Challenge.

There are plenty of parking garages on campus, but students frequently report that there is traffic in and out of the garages at peak times and that finding a parking spot can be a challenge. If you choose an apartment near UCF on the shuttle route, you can leave your car parked right outside of your apartment and take the shuttle to campus without budgeting extra time for parking or ever worrying if you'll be able to find a spot on UCF campus.

UCF Shuttle Routes are Convenient and Timely.

The UCF off-campus is reliable! Shuttles servicing apartments offer 15 regular, fixed shuttle routes between the UCF campus and 22 off-campus apartments. Routes run from 6:30am-10:00pm Monday-Thursday and early at 8:00pm on Fridays. There's even a mobile app where you can track the shuttle and see pickup times. The shuttle is convenient since it picks students up at the front of apartments near UCF and drops students off close to class on campus, we bet you'll find it more convenient than walking from available spots in parking garages on campus!

Without a Car, Students Save Big on Car Payments and Insurance.

Students can cut down on monthly expenses by leaving their high school car at home to take advantage of UCF's free student shuttle instead. When budgeting for college, we'd suggest running the numbers to see how much you might be able to save by choosing an apartment near campus and taking the UCF shuttle to class rather than driving a personal vehicle. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is every apartment near campus on the UCF Shuttle route?

Most off campus student housing apartments are part of the UCF shuttle route; however, there are a few that are not. The student housing apartments that are not on the route may offer a private shuttle on a set schedule. If you prefer to live at a conventional community near campus, you will need to be prepared to have another mode of transportation in place. It's best to talk to the leasing team about shuttle and transportation options before signing a lease so you are set up for success.

How much does it cost to ride the UCF shuttle?

The UCF shuttle is free for students with a valid student ID. Be sure to keep your ID on you at all times so you don't run into any issues boarding the shuttle.

Does the UCF shuttle make stops anywhere other than campus and my apartment?

In addition to the UCF shuttle making stops at the main campus, there are also routes to the following UCF campuses: Rosen Campus, Health Sciences Campus and UCF Downtown. There are also grocery shuttle runs from select stops to Publix Super Market and back, making it easier than ever to leave your car at home. You will have to transfer buses on campus though, so don't load up too much!

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