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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’m a holiday fanatic! What are the best areas to see Christmas lights near Orlando apartments?

    ‘Tis the season to get your Jingle Bell on! If you're anything like me, apartments in Orlando that happen to be near some of the most beautifully decorated areas around the holidays are highly desirable. Some communities are even worth the drive if you are a Christmas light enthusiast. Many of these neighborhoods welcome outsiders to come and take awe in all of their hard work. So grab your thermos of hot cocoa and hit the road to check out one of some of Orlando's best holiday... Read More »

  • What are some tips for fishing near Orlando apartments?

    If your perfect Sunday includes relaxing by the water with a fishing pole in your hand, you'll be glad to know that Orlando apartments are close to several unique spots for your next big catch. With multiple lakes and a diverse eco-system, the Orlando area is a great location for freshwater fishing. Whether you prefer to go fishing on your own or enjoy guided tours that show you all the best fishing and sightseeing spots, you can find both options just a few minutes away from home—especially... Read More »

  • Are there any dog parks near Orlando apartments?

    For some residents, apartments in Orlando with the best amenities for pets are a top priority when searching for a new place. Although apartment patios can be a useful feature for dogs in apartments, dog parks are a great way for them to fully experience the outdoors in a safer area. If you are bringing along your four-legged friend(s) or hope to adopt one in the future, you definitely want to know about all the fantastic dog-friendly apartment options near Orlando apartments. While there are... Read More »

  • What are some unique brunch locations in the Orlando area?

    The love for brunch is a real thing; I mean, is there anything better than enjoying a beautiful weekend with your family and friends, sampling both bacon AND mimosas? Lucky for you, apartments in Orlando are near some of the hottest, most highly-rated brunch locations in all of Central Florida. While both Downtown Orlando and Winter Park's brunch game is strong, there are several outlying neighborhoods which are gaining momentum in this epicurean movement. Brunch in South Orlando MetroWest... Read More »

  • What are the benefits of having a valet trash service at my apartment in Orlando?

    Having a valet trash service at your apartment in Orlando is one of those things that feels so luxurious, yet is actually extremely practical. If you are someone who enjoys taking out the trash, you may not be a big fan of the service. Maybe you like the extra exercise or the sense of accomplishment that comes with tidying up in general. However, if you are someone like me who will (shamefully) let the trash pile up until the last possible minute, valet trash is perfect for you. Being... Read More »

  • What does the job market look like in Orlando?

    If you are looking for a new opportunity, Orlando offers one of the best areas in the country to move to in terms of affordability and opportunities. Not only is Orlando fast growing and full of unique industries, but Central Florida is #1 in the state of Florida for the amount of jobs created as of March 2016.Job marketSo what does the job market actually look like? Orlando has an unemployment rate of 4.5% (as of April 2015) and sits as one of the fastest growing areas of employment. A survey... Read More »

  • What Does it Mean to Rent an All-Inclusive Apartment?

    Just how inclusive are "all-inclusive" apartments in Orlando? The term "all-inclusive apartment" does not mean the same thing at all apartments throughout Orlando. Often all-inclusive apartments include: electric water Internet gas (where available) sewer These are in addition to the usual pest control and maintenance. Some apartments in Orlando will also include a trash removal service, often referred to as "valet waste," as well as cable or satellite TV. Orlando apartments that... Read More »

  • What does a $1,000 in rent get me in an Orlando apartment?

    Depending on what area you want to call home, $1,000 in rent each month in Orlando will typically get you a one to two bedroom apartment anywhere from 500 - 1200 square feet. Read through these differing neighborhoods and the typical apartments under $1,000 you will find there, to see which area best suits your lifestyle and apartment needs. Downtown Orlando Downtown Orlando is unique to the rest of the city in that is boasts lots of dining and attractions without getting caught up in the... Read More »

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