Any tips on finding the perfect Orlando apartment?

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Savannah at Park Central is an Orlando housing option under $1,500 a month and has all the most wanted amenities including resort-style pools, outdoor recreation options and more.

Finding the "perfect" apartment in Orlando is a lot about personal preference and what is most important to you. It is a good idea to begin this process by making a list of your priorities and top must haves when you start the apartment search. 407 Apartments is the next best step, you can search our website by your list of priorities and narrow it down before you drive around the area to pick the perfect one. Let's look into some search options on the website.

For most people location is probably the highest on the list when deciding on a new apartment in Orlando. Do you prefer a location close to your work, a favorite gym, or nightclub? Do you plan to commute or do you prefer to live where you can walk everywhere or rely on public transportation? Explore Orlando Neighborhoods here for a good overview of our area. You can also search by roads and highways or landmarks on our website such as SR 50/Colonial Drive or the Disney Resort Area.

A good and safe location is important. Some may look into gated apartments or those that have an alarm system. Apartments with a gate guard on duty or with a courtesy officer are also options. You may want to look at lighting outside of the apartment, for example where you will park your vehicle or if there a safe parking garage that is available. Good and sufficient lighting near the entrance of your apartment is crucial.

Another imperative item to keep in mind while searching for an apartment in Orlando is price. What does your budget allow? Will you need to look outside your perfect location to fit within your budget? You can search for cheap apartments in Orlando or by a price such as under $1000 or under $1500. Another option that may appeal to you is all inclusive apartments that include certain utilities in your rental fee instead of worrying about fluctuating separate monthly bills.

Now for some fun since you made it past the business part of searching for an apartment with location, safety and price. Now it is time for apartment amenities! What is on your wish list for apartment features? Being in Florida especially during the hot summer months a pool is almost a must have for us in Orlando. Would you make use of nature trails? Are you looking for an energy efficient apartment or one that includes a washer and dryer. Will you live alone, with friends or looking for an option with roommate matching? Are you looking for a new Orlando apartment or does it need to be a pet friendly choice to include your furry family members? Are you a working professional or looking for a student apartment?

The list can go on and on, but we hope this helps you on your journey to find the perfect Orlando apartment. You have landed on the right starting point with the 407 Apartments website!

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