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    Studio Apartments in Orlando

    Studio Apartments

    Studio apartments in Orlando, sometimes called studio flats or bachelor apartments, are the smallest and most cost efficient type of rental unit offered by apartment communities. Generally they are the least expensive as well. Orlando's studio apartments are best suited and often most preferred by young adults starting out, but if you're searching for an apartment and don't require a lot of space, a studio may be a great route for you.

    Why a Studio Apartment in Orlando?

    You've seen the news - Orlando is touted as one of the country's most expensive cities for renting an apartment. With so much opportunity for employment and a thriving tourism industry, renters are flocking to Orlando and the increase in demand is undeniably raising rental rates in the market. Studio apartments are efficient and give renters a private space to rent at a lower cost than a typical one-bedroom apartment. If you're willing to sacrifice square footage for price, a studio apartment in Orlando might be just what you need to meet your monthly budget.

    Layouts of Studio Apartments

    Especially if you're living alone, studio apartments provide just enough space for basic home activities like cooking, relaxing, and sleeping. Studio apartment designs usually consist of a single large room that serves as the bedroom, living room, and dining room. Kitchen facilities are usually located in a corner of the main room are off to the side in a smaller separate room. The bathroom is usually its own small room off to the side. Some studios even have shared bathrooms with other units, though this is less common. In the U.S., studios range between 300 to 500 square feet.

    Staying Organized in Orlando Studio Apartments

    When living in a studio apartment, you will have to go to greater lengths to organize and manage your space effectively. Finding efficient ways to store your things is key – find ways to increase your effective space by using things like door hooks to hang towels, coats or bathrobes. Door-mounted shoe racks are a good choice if you have lots of footwear. Everything that you are able to store in vertical space takes up less room on the floor.

    Also be sure not to cram too much stuff in your studio apartment. If your apartment is too packed or cluttered, you may find it too stressful to live there. For certain life styles, a studio may not be suitable. If you like sleeping in a king-size bed and cooking large multi-course meals in a big kitchen, then a studio apartment might not be the best fit for you. You can still bring your king-size bed with you; just understand that you may have to make sacrifices for space elsewhere. Space management is also important if you plan on having people over. It can be difficult to arrange a space that is both convenient for your day-to-day living as well as entertaining friends and family.

    Studio apartments, by lieu of their small size, clutter up and get messy very quickly. While living in a studio, you will have to be fairly proactive about keeping it clean and uncluttered. Cups, dishes, packaging, and other things that accumulate on shelf and table space will accumulate more quickly than they would in a larger dwelling. Taking small steps to keep your studio apartment uncluttered and organized on a daily basis will make living in a smaller space less stressful and make cleaning days a less onerous and intensive chore.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do studio apartments have a bedroom?

    A standard studio apartment consists of one open space that includes a kitchen, living room and bedroom with a bathroom. Some apartments have studios that have a half wall dividing the bedroom or even a small bedroom. Either way, you should expect the square footage to be less than a one-bedroom apartment.

    Will my studio apartment include a washer and dryer?

    A lot of studio apartments do not include washers or dryers because they take up a lot of space. If you find a studio apartment with a washer and dryer included you can expect them to be compact and stackable. Most communities that do not include washers and dryers in the apartment will have a laundry facility on site. You can use the filters on 407apartments to find apartments with laundry facilities.

    What appliances are included with a studio apartment?

    It depends on the community and size of the apartment! Some studios include a full appliance package with a refrigerator, oven and range, microwave and dishwasher. Smaller studios may omit dishwashers and/or microwaves to save space. Be sure to ask the leasing team what appliances are included in your apartment with you call to schedule a tour.

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