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      Apartments under $800 in Orlando, FL

      Apartments Under $800

      Budgeting Tips For Your New Orlando Apartment

      Moving can be a challenging task on a budget, but finding Orlando apartments under $800 is not an easy feat. The available apartments on this page will change based on prices updated daily by apartment teams across Orlando based on availability and the time of the year, you could find more or less options here. You want to find the best deals, but you also don't want to sacrifice any of your wants and needs in your Orlando apartment. How can you alleviate some of these moving costs and stay within the range of apartments under $800? Here are a few tips to saving money at your new Orlando apartment:

      Cut down on visiting local attractions.

      Orlando is an amazing city with an endless amount of fun places to visit and experience. However, we all know that many of these great places come with a price tag. Save money by choosing an apartment that will keep you entertained - for free! Instead of splurging on a water park adventure, try lounging with your neighbors at your apartment's resort-style pool. Instead of taking the family to a pricey arcade, walk over to your apartment's game room. Finding apartments under $800 with the right amenities will help you make small changes like these. You may even be able to save up enough to take your family on the trip of a lifetime!

      Look for energy efficient A/C and appliances.

      Energy efficient appliances will cut your monthly and annual utility costs by a large amount, bringing you closer to your goal rent for apartments under $800. As their name suggests, they use less energy to get their job done, leaving you with a smaller bill. If an apartment you love does not offer these appliances, you can make simple changes yourself, such as purchasing energy efficient lightbulbs for the light fixtures around your apartment. According to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, not only do energy efficient appliances in your Orlando apartment save you money, they also reduce greenhouse gases going into the atmosphere. They are a clear win for everyone. Visit their site for a more in-depth look at energy efficient appliances in apartments.

      Choose an Orlando apartment with a kitchen you love.

      Eating out often can add up quickly. While it is definitely more convenient, you will save hundreds of dollars a month by simply cooking meals at home. It is so tempting, especially in Orlando, to go out on a whim and spend $10 a person at your favorite restaurant. However, once you start thinking about it, you will realize that $10 can feed you for a few days when you're cooking for yourself. Having a kitchen that you're excited to be in will get you excited about trying new recipes, and ultimately, saving money. Whether your heart is set on an upgraded kitchen or you just need the basics in your apartment, having a kitchen that you love will make you want to heat up the oven or turn on the crockpot. Your wallet will thank you.

      Ditch the gym membership and use your apartment gym.

      Gym membership pricing comes in all price ranges, but no matter the monthly cost, the dollars start to add up quickly. Look for an apartment with a 24-hour fitness center so you never have to worry about paying for a membership. Some apartments even offer resident fitness classesfor free! Staying in shape doesn't have to break the bank when you are able to do so in your very own apartment community.

      Search for Orlando apartment deals.

      While you are on your cheap apartment in Orlando search, make sure that search for the best deals for apartments under $800. Often times, apartments with longer term lease options will have special rates in place for those willing to become long-term residents. Also, many apartments under $800 offer different leasing specials throughout the year, so it can never hurt to ask when you are inquiring. Looking for the best deal will save you money right up front, and the savings will keep rolling in after that.

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