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Apartments with Guarantors Accepted in Orlando, FL

There are a few reasons residents would seek out apartments with guarantors accepted in Orlando, FL, but the most common situation is a student or renter looking for housing for the first time. If you're a full-time student looking for Off Campus Housing near UCF or Off Campus Housing near Full Sail and are worried about meeting the required income level for renting an apartment, don't pass up on the opportunity just yet! Some apartments will allow you to designate a guarantor on the application, which would serve as additional insurance for your landlord regarding rent payments and reliability.

What is a Guarantor on the Lease?

"Guarantor accepted" means that the landlord or community will allow you to name someone else to co-sign the lease and acquire responsibility for the contract. Residents who have a low credit score, receive an income below the required level or don't meet other terms listed on the lease may have a need for this arrangement to rent an apartment. The guarantor is someone who agrees to be financially and legally obligated to pay the rent if the tenant is not able to make the payment. When signing on your own, many apartments require that you make at least 40 times the monthly rent. When cosigning, most apartments require that the guarantor makes 80 times the rent rate, though some may ask for 100 instead. For example, if your rent is $1,500 a month, your guarantor would have to make at least $120,000 a year to meet the lower end of the requirement. If you already know who you would list on the lease, keep this in mind when considering your price range. Students most commonly use a parent as the guarantor, but this is not required in most cases. However, some landlords prefer guarantors that live nearby and have a strong existing relationship with the tenant.

The Process of Cosigning a Lease

The first step to co-signing a lease for an apartment with a guarantor is identifying someone to serve this role for you. While your guarantor may trust you and easily accept this role, it is important to emphasize that it is legally binding and makes them responsible for your payments if problems arise. Make sure the individual understands the necessary requirements, as well as the need to provide financial and other personal information to the community in order to prove eligibility. Examples include tax returns, proof of employment, recent paychecks and possibly even bank statements. If the guarantor prefers, they can provide this information directly to the landlord instead of going through the tenant.

One of the main reasons residents seek guarantors is due to their role as a full-time student, which can often leave little time for steady employment. For tips on how to create a budget, the Federal Student Aid website has a helpful guide geared towards students. Landlords for student apartments in Orlando will be very familiar with this arrangement and have all the requirements and paperwork ready for you. To ensure you are prepared and understand the process, you and your guarantor should schedule a meeting or call with the landlord to discuss any questions you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be a guarantor on my lease?

In many instances, the tenant requiring it will typically utilize a parent as the guarantor. However, any individual who meets the income requirement can become your guarantor. For both parties, the tenant and the landlord, it's best if the tenant has a close, trusting relationship with the guarantor.

Can I find an apartment with a low credit score?

If your credit score is low, or if your income doesn't meet the requirements to sign a lease, a guarantor is a great opportunity to secure your desired apartment. This is a common scenario for students. Simply look for apartments where guarantors are accepted.

How does a guarantor qualify?

Typically, a guarantor will need to provide proof of a good credit score, proof of income that meets requirements, and savings above an indicated amount. This varies so check with your desired apartment community to determine the requirements.

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