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Four Bedroom Apartments Near UCF

4 Bedroom Apartments Near UCFA four-bedroom apartment near UCF is the perfect option for a group of friends. Often, when you already know who you want your roommates to be, finding a floorplan that fits four people is the perfect option. Or, perhaps you and a friend know you'd like to live together but you're looking for another person or two to share an apartment with. Many UCF apartments offer roommate matching services to get you into a three or four-bedroom apartment with compatible roommates. These apartments feature all the best amenities like pools, proximity to public transportation, emergency maintenance and more so you can have more fun and less worry. Living with several roommates doesn't come without some considerations though. Follow four of our favorite tips for getting along with your roommates in your UCF apartment and you'll have more fun and less frustration.

Four Tips for Getting Along in a 4 Bedroom with Your UCF Roommates

Set Rules and Guidelines

Ground rules for living in your four-bedroom UCF apartment will set everyone up for success. Discuss needs and desires of each roommate, any specific living requirements or preferences, and be prepared to compromise. Maybe one roommate has a super heavy course load one semester and needs some quiet space to study. Other roommates can agree to keep quiet hours on Sundays and take social time elsewhere.

Share Schedules

It's always helpful to know who is coming and going. While you may live together, you still lead separate lives with different class schedules at The University of Central Florida, work schedules, families, friends, and hobbies. Even a simple wall calendar can help keep roommates informed, or, you can get high tech and share a digital calendar!

Share Responsibilities

This is important for a successful roommate relationship. "You make the mess; you clean it up" should be a ground rule set above. Everyone should be responsible for keeping common areas neat and tidy. If maintenance calls are needed, rotate who may need to stay behind and handle communicating with staff or other workers. Don't let the burden of chores around the apartment fall to one or two people.


Communication is key. Problems and concerns are never solved with silence. Agree from the get-go to have open and honest communication. Be willing to make time to talk calmly and productively. When solutions, compromises, and agreements are reached, be prepared to follow through.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find roommates for a 4 bedroom apartment near UCF?

Most of the off-campus housing communities in Orlando offer a roommate matching program to help match you with students that have similar lifestyles. When it is time to sign your lease, the apartment management will have you fill out a survey with questions about your major, cleanliness, habits, schedule, and more. The best advice we can give you is to be honest on your roommate matching form (and maybe fill it out privately without mom and dad around). See a full list of apartments near UCF with roommate matching.

Are utilities included in the rent for 4 bedroom apartments?

Maybe, but it depends on the apartment community! Some apartments near UCF include utilities like water and electricity with a monthly cap and likely include other perks like cable and internet all bundled into 1 easy monthly payment. You can use the search on 407apartments to find apartments with utilities included. Just locate the "Internet, Cable, and Utilities" filter on the 4 bedroom search page and check off the options for electricity and water.

What spaces are shared in 4 bedroom apartments?

Privacy is really important in shared apartments, especially in a situation where you are being matched with roommates. In 4 bedroom apartments near UCF, the common area (living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry, balcony/patio) will be shared amongst all the roommates. Your bedroom, bathroom, and closet are your own private area that you will not be expected to share with roommates or their guests. In fact, most bedrooms in UCF apartments are individually keyed, so you can lock your room when you leave for class.

What happens if my roommate doesn't pay his/her rent in our 4 bedroom apartment?

Most of the student apartments in the UCF area offer individual leases, where you'll only be responsible for your portion of the monthly rent. To find individually leased options, look for apartments with monthly pricing listed by the room. When in doubt, just ask! Before you sign your lease, make sure you ask good questions and double check to verify that the you will not be responsible for your roommates' portion of the monthly rent.

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