Apartments near Walt Disney World

Apartments near Disney

Find Apartments near Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida

Searching for an apartment near Disney? The area surrounding the Orlando theme parks is a great place to look for an apartment.  This part of Orlando is much more calm and relaxing because it is a good distance away from downtown Orlando but still close to the fun tourism. In addition to its peaceful atmosphere, it is close to all the great theme parks like Disney's Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.

This area is one of newer and less dense areas of Orlando, making very attractive place to search for apartments near Disney. It is the perfect place for Disney employees to find apartments near Disney to commute to. Besides those who travel to Disney frequently, the neighborhood around Disney is close to many of the major highways, making it a great location for any Orlando renter.

Use our search to find apartments near Disney. You should find a variety of great floor plans, photos, amenities, and more in order to find the best apartment near Disney to suite your needs and desires in apartment. With the extensive search criteria options it won't be hard to find something that will fit.

More Information about Apartments near Walt Disney World

If you are looking for apartments near Disney that feel like a resort you would stay at Disney, it shouldn't be hard to find in this area. Due to the nearby tourism industry, Orlando is known for its luxury housing. Many apartments near Disney cater to this idea, so you can enjoy the numerous amenities while still getting an inexpensive lease.

Being located near and around the Disney offers a lot of things to do besides going to Disney.  There are numerous lakes surrounding Disney which have fun activities such as airboat rides, fishing trips, kayaking and waterskiing. Besides the lake areas, there's world famous golf, air balloon rides, and even go kart racing. Just like Disney World, many attractions have deals for Florida residents and frequent locals. Living the apartments near Disney gives you a chance to experience some of the countless reasons why so many people vacation in Orlando. 

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