Pet Friendly Apartments in Orlando, FL

Pet Friendly

There are loads of pet friendly apartments in Orlando to accommodate the biggest pet lovers. In the last few years, we've seen a massive trend toward more apartments allowing pets than ever. Nearly all apartments in Orlando allow pets, and we've included a full list on this page for you to sort and filter through. However, we believe there's a difference between apartments who have policies in place to allow pets and apartments that are truly pet friendly. Here are some amenities to look for and questions you can ask to figure out how pet friendly your prospective new apartment really is:

Pet Friendly Apartment Amenities

    • Dog Park:Many pet friendly apartments in Orlando have private dog parks for their residents. This is a fenced in area where you can let your dog off of the leash to run freely and play. You may want to ask if there is are separate areas for large and small breeds . When touring, ask to see the dog park. See if they have any extra equipment for your dog to play on or a seating area in the shade for you to relax in while Fido is playing.

    • Pet Cleanup StationsIt's happened to all of us, the dreaded squish under our sneaker while walking through grass. We know as pet owners that it takes a bit of extra mind and time to remember to bring a bag each time we take our pet out for a walk. Many pet friendly apartments offer pet cleanup stations throughout the community where you can grab a bag or throw away a filled bag. While apartment hunting, do a quick drive through the community to see how many pet cleanup stations you can find and if they are in convenient places.

    • Nature Trails:When you're looking for a pet friendly rental, it is important to have adequate space to take your dog on an evening walk. Check to see if there is a clear pathway through your new pet friendly apartment. Look for things like a bench to stop at, shady trees, and cross walks to help you get through high traffic areas. 

    • Pet Washing Station: Also sometimes called a pet boutique, this is an area at the property where you can take your dog and give them a bath. Some of these areas are outside and are really just a hose, but some really pet friendly apartments offer an indoor, air conditioned "spa" where you can pamper your dog and even give her a blow dry.

Pet Friendly Apartment Questions

Leasing with pets can be complicated if you do not understand the lease terms up front. Here are some great pet friendly questions to ask your apartment staff before signing a lease:

  • What is the pet deposit? Nearly every apartment that allows pets will require you to pay a pet deposit before move in. This fee will likely be more than $100 and will cover any potential damage made by your pet while you rent.

  • Is the pet deposit refundable? Some pet friendly apartments in Orlando will refund your pet deposit when you move out as long as there is no damage. Be sure to ask up front whether or not your pet deposit is refundable, and if it can be refunded be sure to get a receipt.

  • Are there any monthly pet fees?I know, it sounds crazy. But even once you've paid a pet deposit, there is often a monthly pet fee associated with renting an apartment where pets are allowed. It can range, but is frequently $25 or $50 pet month, pet pet. Be sure to understand the pet fees and your final rental amount before signing a lease.

  • Are there any breed restrictions?Pertaining almost exclusively to dogs, some pet friendly apartments in Orlando may have restrictions on the breeds of dogsthey will allow on the property. Some of the most commonly restricted breeds are Rottweiler, chow, Pit Bull and German Sheppard. Not all communities are the same when it comes to these restrictions because they depend on each individual property's insurance policy. Be sure to ask the office!

  • How many pets can I have? Many apartments limit the number of pets that can live in one apartment. The limit is typically 2, but a number of Orlando apartments only allow 1 pet. If you have multiple dogs or both a cat and a dog, make sure that your whole family will be welcome in your new apartment.

Years ago, you might have had to call every apartment in Orlando or drive around the  city to ask about their pet policies. We're proud to offer you a list of apartments that are pet friendly and even ways to filter through for pet friendly amenities. After all, finding a pet friendly Orlando apartment should be as easy it was to accept Fido into your family. 

As a bonus, check out these 7 tips for apartment living with dogs.

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