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Orlando Apartments with Individual Leases

Apartments with Individual Leases

Signing a lease with someone is a tough renting decision. You have to think not only about how compatible this person will be as a roommate, but also if you can trust this person to share fiscal responsibility with you. You may or may not know what your prospective roommates bill paying history looks like, which can be scary. A lease is a legally binding contract, and if you share a lease with someone and they make a late payment, decides to terminate to move out early, or inflict damages upon the apartment you will be held responsible as well. With that said, you may want to consider Orlando apartments with individual leases. An individual lease means that each person is only responsible for their portion of the unit lease or bed space. This can be found a variety of floor plans, with as many as four bedrooms. Individual leases are also very common in Off Campus Housing near UCF and Off Campus Housing near Full Sail. Additionally, you can find fully furnished Orlando apartments with individual leases, so there is no need to decide who is responsible for what furnishings!

Apartments in Orlando with Individual Leases: Finding Roommates

Not everyone has the option of hand picking their roommates. If you don't already have a roommate picked out you will find yourself needing a service that many Orlando apartments with individual leases offer, roommate matching. But, you are probably wondering, how apartment communities decide who moves in with whom? Having a bad roommate can ruin your entire year. With this in mind, many apartment communities will do their best to put people together that have similar lifestyles.

How do the apartment communities know if you and another tenant have similar lifestyles? Once you have decided on an apartment and signed your lease you are given a survey called a roommate matching form. This survey asks you key questions about your lifestyle and generally leave a space for comments where you can express any unique corks about yourself and your pet peeves. Questions will be regarding this such as your study habits, what time you like to go to bed, and the level of cleanliness you maintain.

It is important that you fill out this survey accurately and honestly. Don't answer it thinking of the person you want to be. Really reflect on yourself and how you really live. If you are little on the messier side, be honest about it. There are plenty of people who live the same way as you, not everyone is spic and span 24/7. If you intend on living in an apartment with a washer and dryer and know that you religiously do you laundry on Wednesdays, add that information to your survey. The non-negotiable should be made clear up front. If you are not honest, you could end up living with a roommate who is really not compatible with you or your lifestyle. Once you are matched with a roommate, it might be a good idea to contact them on Facebook ahead of time to learn more about who they are and to decide if you think they are compatible with you. Even though Orlando apartments with individual leases allow roommates to not depend on one another for the finances, you'll still be spending time together, communal spaces, and unforgettable experiences. Still nervous about having a roommate? Try searching for one bedroom apartments or studio apartments instead!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an individual lease?

An individual lease is a lease that lets you rent one bedroom in an apartment. The community will then rent the other bedroom(s) to other students. Your common areas (kitchen, living room, laundry room) will be shared with these roommates. With an individual lease, you are only responsible for your portion of the rent. Most communities that offer individual leases, will also include some or all of your utilities in your monthly rent.

Will I have roommates in my individually leased apartment?

Yes, you will likely have roommates if you rent a bedroom in an individually leased apartment. Two-, three-, and four-bedroom apartments will have students rent the other bedrooms and you will share the common areas with these roommates. If you and your friends would like to share an apartment, just let me community know before you sign your lease and they will be sure to assign you to the same apartment.

Can I maintain privacy in an individually leased apartment?

Although you will be sharing the common areas with roommates, every bedroom will have its own lock and key to ensure privacy. Most apartments near UCF offer floor plans that include private ensuite bathrooms, although there are a few options with shared bathrooms. If it's important for you to have your own bathroom, be sure to select a bedroom that has a private, attached bathroom.

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