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Furnished Apartments in Orlando, FL


Orlando has become an epitome for students, travelers and tourist.  Impacted by major roadways, hotels and attractions it is no wonder that the city of Orlando has been growing by force.

Are you moving to the Orlando area? Are you looking for convenience? Are you brand new to the city? Try searching for a furnished apartment! Moving into a furnished apartment can be advantageous for many who are constantly on the go, those that are a new student, or even those who love to travel! Due to the expansion and liveliness of Orlando there are plenty of furnished apartments to choose from in the area!

When searching for a furnished apartment, keep in mind the types of accommodations you would like your new furnished apartments to include. These necessities can be anywhere from a comfort in a couch to the use of a desk or just living room furniture.  Furnished apartments can also come in a variance of floor plans, prices and sizes. You can select a more humble apartment that includes only exactly what you need or a more luxurious furnished pad that is sure to carry the highest of quality.

Are you attending the University of Central Florida? Orlando offers several different types of student apartments that come completely furnished for your convenience! Check out Campus Crossing College Station Apartments or Campus Crossing on Alafaya! These are some of the popular apartments among students throughout Orlando!  These type of apartments can even provide roommate matching in efforts to help you meet friends and become accustomed to the Orlando area!

Being next to the airport or major roadways may be essential to those who are constantly traveling or for those who need to be closer to the business district in Orlando. Having a furnished apartment will make your moves a simple task.  A more upscale furnished apartment may suit your needs best.  Most apartment management teams allow you to visit model apartments that include the exact type of furniture that will be in your own home. Feel free to ask questions about the furniture and try it out yourself! If you are looking for just your bedroom to be furnished, check with the leasing office to see if this is possible. Some apartments will allow the convenience to partly furnish your apartment for you!  Take the time to select an apartment that will exceed the requirements in order to fit your life style!

You may believe that searching for your new furnished apartment may become quite a difficult task. However, using our apartment search can make this more than an easy step for you! Our custom-made search tools can help aid your search in order to find what apartments fit your needs! You can first begin by determining what type of needs have in regards to your new furnished apartment. This can include specific amenities such as a washer and dryer, wood floors, granite counter tops, or even a garage or open parking spaces. Next, you can select what area or neighborhood you would like your apartment to be in.  Do you need to be near work or an airport? Maybe you want to be closer to the Disney parks? Our neighborhood guide will show you a map of apartments in order to assess you in your search. Finally, select your price range and do not feel obligated to go beyond it! Orlando has a variety of furnished apartments and you will find one that will suit your every need!

Furnished Student Housing Apartments

Are you a student thinking about moving out of the dorms into your very own place off campus? If you answered yes, then you probably have a lot of questions about finding the right community for your needs and lifestyle. Luckily, our Orlando apartment locator can help you find apartments based on whatever criteria are most important to you. One of the things that is probably on the top of your list is figuring out where and how you are going to find furniture for your new place. Sometimes students and parents alike are hesitant about moving off campus because they don't want to deal with the hassle and expense of buying moving furniture. If you or your parents have these concerns, you can rest assured that there is a great solution to this problem. You need to look for furnished apartments in Orlando.

For the exact reason of parents and students not wanted to go through the hassle of moving lots of furniture, many student communities now offer furnished apartments in Orlando. The furniture usually includes a bed, dresser, and desk for the bedroom, along with a couch, end tables, coffee table and possibly a kitchen table and chairs. Exact pieces of furniture offered vary from community to community, so check with the leasing agents of furnished Orlando apartments for specific pieces included. As an added convenience, a lot of the student communities include the price of furniture in your monthly rent. Furnished apartments in Orlando eliminate the hassle of heavy lifting and the cost and energy that goes into buying your own furniture.

Another perk that can often come with furnished apartment in Orlando, is a utilities package included in the rent. This is just one less thing you have to think about when living in off campus housing. Living in a furnished apartment in Orlando you can have all of the benefits of dorms like furniture and utilities included, but without the hassles of confined living spaces and impossible campus parking. These features will also save you money, so if you are looking to stay in a lower rent range, you will be able to find apartments under $900.

Furnished Orlando apartments that cater toward students also offer another benefit that can convince parents that living off campus isn't a huge pain. Most communities lease their units by the bedroom, meaning that you are only responsible for the rent on your own bedroom and not the entire apartment. So in the event that you have a roommate who falls behind on the rent, you and your parents are not liable for any of the rent not paid by the other occupants. This is a really great feature that you can search when you are looking for furnished apartments in Orlando.

If you do have your own furniture that you would like to use, you can find many unfurnished apartments in Orlando as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in a furnished apartment?

Every community will have slight variations but you can expect to find furnished common areas with a couch and love seat or chair, coffee table, end table(s) and a TV stand. There will also be a small dining table with seating for four, or stools for the breakfast bar or kitchen island. Bedrooms will usually include a full or queen size bed, night stand, dresser and desk with chair. Some even include a TV in the common area and/or bedrooms. To learn more about a specific community's furniture offerings, we suggest calling and speaking with the leasing team.

Are appliances included in a furnished apartment?

Furnished apartments include both traditional furniture you'd expect to find in a home and your standard appliances, such as: refrigerator, oven with range, and dishwasher. There will likely be a microwave included as well. Most apartments will also include a full-size washer and dryer in the common area of your apartment. 

Can I find a furnished apartment in Orlando that isn't a student housing community?

It is very unlikely to come across a conventional apartment that offers furnished apartments; however, there are a number of furniture rental companies in Orlando that can help you furnish specific rooms or your entire apartment. Some communities have partnerships with specific companies that may help you save. You can ask the community you plan to move into if they have any furniture rental suggestions.

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