Apartments with Private Garages in Orlando, FL

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Apartments with Private Garages in Orlando, FL

Apartments with Private Garages

In addition to your apartment, your vehicle or mode of transportation is something that you put your hard earned money towards. Wouldn't you like to protect it and keep it in the best condition as long as possible? This is why many people choose Orlando apartments with garages when searching for the best  apartments in Orlando. A garage offers many benefits to residents and can be found in all types of communities across the area.

Benefits of Apartments with Garages

One of the biggest benefits of Orlando apartments with garages is that they help keep your vehicle clean! The outdoors can be brutal in the Sunshine State; from the yellow pollen in the spring, to the swarms of bugs that often frequent the roadways, our vehicles are subjected to many filthy occurrences. However, with your car, truck or SUV parked in your own private apartment garage, you won't have to worry about dirt and grime collecting on its surface while you're at home. You are also protecting your vehicle from dings, scratches, temperature damage, and much more. Florida has been known for its very unpredictable weather; we may have a few storms pop up every now and then. These could range from a hail storm to a full-out hurricane. Keeping your vehicle in the safety of a garage will protect it, not to mention, you! How great would it be to enter your apartment through your garage door during a torrential downpour, rather than dangerously running through the parking lot trying to stay dry? This is something that you don't even think about until you're stuck trying to get to your front door in the middle of a monsoon!

Besides the obvious benefit of keeping your vehicle in top shape while you enjoy the comforts of home, Orlando apartments with private garages also offer a sense of security for many people's most prized possession. While we would like to believe that every apartment community is secure, it is an unfortunate fact that break-ins still happen. Vehicle break-ins are always a possible threat, especially when cars are left parked outside in unmonitored parking lots, so residents must remain proactive in keeping their belongings safe. Parking your vehicle in their own private garage overnight will most likely deter the potential crooks from violating your property. An apartment with a garage provides peace of mind that your car and your things inside it will remain untouched while you sleep at night.

Creative Uses for Private Apartment Garages

Even if you do not own a vehicle and use public transportation or other means to get around, Orlando apartments with garages can still be a great addition to your new home. You can think of them as bonus storage rooms. This is especially helpful for residents who may have downsized from a larger single-family home and have extra furniture and home goods to store. Many residents of one bedroom apartments will understand this issue and most garages have enough room to store both your vehicle and all of those extra boxes! Maybe you're really into crafting and all of the space in your two bedroom apartment is spoken for. If you're in need of an area to store your masterpieces or art supplies, you can transform this space into your own personal studio.  There's also the ever-so-popular "Man Cave" concept. A private garage would give you a cozy getaway to enjoy sports or games. Orlando apartments with private garages can be utilized in many different ways, so get creative and enjoy your extra space!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I find attached private garages in Orlando apartments?

Apartments may offer attached garages, detached garages, or a mix of both with options varying based on which floor plan you choose. Our best tip is to let the apartment community know you want a garage early in your search, so that you can learn which apartment homes they have available in close proximity vacant garages. In townhome floor plans, you might find attached garages on the first level with stairs leading up to the living space on the second floor.

Are private garages included in the monthly rent listed?

Generally, garages are leased separately from your Orlando apartment and the garage rental cost will be in addition to the monthly rent you see listed online. However, some floor plans include attached garages (that are not optional!) and are already included in the monthly rent.

Are there any options for covered parking other than private garages?

Yes, you can find covered parking options to keep your car protected from pollen and the sun. Some apartments offer carport rentals, which is a reserved awning that will keep your car protected from direct sunlight (and heat). You also might look at apartments with multi-level parking garages, which are most popular in Downtown Orlando. 

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