What are some tips for keeping plants in my Full Sail apartment?

If you're the type of person with a strong nurturing instinct but you can't find any pet friendly apartments near Full Sail, keeping plants can be a rewarding and fulfilling venture. There are many benefits to owning plants! They generate clean air to keep your apartment feeling fresh, and they don't require a lot of effort to keep. Unlike four-legged pets, your plants don't need to be taken on walks or fed twice a day; all they need is the right amount of water and sunlight to flourish. Despite this, there are still some who find it easier to kill a houseplant than keep it alive. If you're interested in having plants while staying in Full Sail apartments, read on for tips on how to develop your green thumb.

Mind the weather

If you want to keep plants in Florida, you need to think like a Florida native. In South Florida, the climate consists of tropical and subtropical forests, with lots of sun, rain, and humidity. This isn't ideal for every plant, so you'll have to be selective with which plants you choose to grow. If you're not sure if a plant will do well in a tropical climate, a little research goes a long way. You can take inspiration from the plants you see growing in local parks or backyards, and if you want to be sure that your plant will thrive, nothing can beat the native Floridian flora!

Where to keep plants in your Full Sail apartment

Now that you've chosen what kind of plant you want to grow, you need to decide where to keep it. This step will also require some research for the best results: does your chosen plant need a lot of sunlight, or does it thrive where there's ample shade? Does it need to be watered often, or does it easily become waterlogged? If your plant likes a lot of sunshine, consider keeping it somewhere fully outside where it can enjoy sunlight throughout the day. A garden style apartment can provide plenty of space to keep a variety of sun-loving plants. Otherwise, consider keeping your plants out on the patio or balcony. This will also help keep your apartment clean, as there's no risk of tracking dirt or bugs inside.

Find your happy medium

Taking care of something of your very own can be exciting, but it's important not to overdo it. Giving your plant too much water or sunlight can be just as harmful as if there was too little. To keep track of this, try keeping a watering schedule nearby where you can mark which days you've watered your plants. Another way to keep your plants from becoming waterlogged is to keep them in pots with holes at the bottom to allow excess water to drain naturally. Plants can also suffer if they get pests or if their soil pH is too high. If you're in a pinch, check out this quick guide on what to do if your houseplant is drooping.

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