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Morgan Wipert

Morgan is truly a Florida girl, born and raised, living throughout the state. Morgan used to be a Tampa girl, aspiring to attend the local university, and constantly attending Tampa Bay Lightning hockey games with her mother. Once she began attending school at the University of Central Florida, the Orlando area truly became her home away from home. After she completes her BA in Creative Writing, she plans to continue pursuing her writing dreams. She was initially a Theatre major, but the art of writing truly inspired her to change direction.

When Morgan began her college experience, she initially lived on-campus and relished the experience. She enjoyed having her own space, the proximity to great food, and wished she could have had her own separate bedroom (she might have woken up her roommate at 8 am too much by heading out to class). Morgan loves an apartment with more than the required space, an open-floor plan with lots of kitchen storage (complete with stainless steel appliances). She also knows the importance of quick repair services and affordable pricing for people beginning their true careers.

Morgan has lived in many apartments and knows that Florida is filled with amazing apartment choices, especially for students starting out on their own. She also has four pets at home and understands the importance of pet-friendly housing, especially if they allow cats and small dogs. Morgan is determined to help others find housing, as well as the housing answers they seek.

When she's not writing, Morgan loves spending time with her pets and loved ones. She loves video games, anime, and anything to do with art, fitting with her career goals. One day, Morgan hopes to make people entertained through media, radio, and writing. Don't forget her face, you'll see it on a billboard some day!