It's getting hotter outside. Where can I get more sun near my Full Sail apartment?

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The easiest way to get some sun and relax is to be by the pool.

Summer is fast approaching here in Florida, and it is a perfect time to get more vitamin D (with sunscreen protection, of course). Even though you love living in your apartment near Full Sail University, you might be wondering what things you can do to get out of the apartment more and soak up the sun. Maybe you're also looking for apartments with sunny amenities, so you don't have to drive somewhere else. More than working on your tan, these suggestions will show a wide range of ways to soak in the rays.



One of the more obvious suggestions would be lounging around an apartment pool. There are apartment options near Full Sail that offer this luxury. Whether you're just chilling out or going for a swim, it is important to relax once in a while.

There's also balcony and patio options for your apartment! While you wouldn't be directly in the sunlight, you will certainly get fresh air and exposure. You would be able to sit on your patio furniture and truly relax. You could use your computer without glare, read a book, or just close your eyes.

Exercise - The Opposite of Lounging

Getting out and being active is just as important as taking me-time to cool off. One of the greatest ways to get vitamin D would be going for walks or jogs. Luckily, there are many nature trails near Full Sail apartments that would be perfect for exercise, nature walks, bird spotting, etc.

If you are an avid runner or jogger, this is the time of year for marathons. Orlando is a big and popular city, and there are many opportunities to get in the sun and complete marathons, sometimes in order to help an important cause. You can also check out the Running in the USA website to find upcoming marathons to attend and prepare for, specifically with filters like "Orlando" and "within 25 miles".

Finding Events and Helping Out

I have already talked about how to find marathons, but there are so many outdoor activities that don't include as much sweating. For events run by Full Sail University, you can check out the Events page on their website. You can also become a part of student clubs, which could organize outdoor events in the future.

There are also volunteer opportunities with the city of Orlando, specifically ones that involve getting outdoors and doing things like community cleanups. The City of Orlando website often shows volunteer opportunities and tips on how to keep Orlando "the city beautiful".


Whether your vitamin D levels are low or not, with the proper sun protection, you can leave your Full Sail apartment this Summer break and explore your beautiful city. You can attend outdoor events, whether for charity or just to have some fun. You can exercise your body outdoors or relax in the sun. It is all up to you this season! If you are searching for an apartment near Full Sail University, be sure to check out the links above to find the perfect apartment with the perfect amenities to get some sun in the Sunshine State.

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