My new Full Sail apartment has an outdoor kitchen, how should I use it?

Full Sail apartments are known for their top of the line amenities; with everything from sparkling pools, theater rooms, and outdoor kitchens, you may even call them luxury apartments. Outdoor kitchens are an amazing amenity to have in a Full Sail apartment and can be utilized perfectly once you know how and aren't afraid to tackle them.

Outdoor kitchens in Full Sail apartments usually come equipped with some top of the line barbeque grills. So obviously the best way to utilize your outdoor kitchen to the max is by grilling up some yummy foods! If you're new to grilling or cooking in general it may seem like a task you're not ready to take on, but there's a few tips that can help you become a grilling master in no time.

Grilling Tips

  • If your food normally takes less than 20 minutes to cook, place it directly over the hottest part of the flame. If it takes more time, then use indirect heat.
  • Many times when grilling burgers the center likes to puff up, making it hard to put toppings on your burger. To avoid this when making the raw patties use your finger to push an indentation into the middle so when it puffs up the surface should be level.
  • If you're using wooden or bamboo skewers to make kabobs don't forget to soak them in water ahead of time!
  • Always lightly coat your grilling vegetables in a thin layer of olive oil to prevent them from sticking to the grill and/or drying out.
  • Boneless chicken breast work best over direct heat, whereas bone-in breasts take longer to cook and benefit from a mixture of both indirect and direct heat.
  • Dry your steaks off with a paper towel before grilling. They're more likely to sear this way instead of steam.
  • Try and only flip your steaks once. Flipping them often decreases flavor and they can lose their moisture this way.

Grilling doesn't have to be an incredibly difficult feat. By following a few simple guidelines you can become a grill master in no time. In fact you can make your fellow Full Sail apartment residents jealous of your outdoor kitchen prowess.

Other than grilling for yourself using your outdoor kitchen you might want to consider throwing an outdoor poolside grilling party, perhaps for tailgating season. Your guests can enjoy the sparkling pool in your Full Sail apartment community. Then, when your guests get good and hungry you can whip them up some delicious food on the grill. Kabobs are a great option for parties because your guests can pick and choose what ingredients they want on their own personal kabobs. They can range from veggie kabobs, to steak and chicken kabobs.

Utilizing your Full Sail apartment's outdoor kitchen can be a breeze! Not to mention it can offer up some great times for you and your friends. You might even find that even many cheap apartments near Full Sail offer up top of the line amenities like outdoor kitchens.

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