Are there any theatres or shows playing near my Full Sail apartment?

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The Lofts offers its residents spacious apartments close to all the Orlando events, perfect for someone looking to see shows and plays near Full Sail off-campus housing!

Whether you are entertaining family from out of town, looking for fun things to do with friends, or searching for entertainment near your new Full Sail apartment, going to a show or play is a great option! Learning to appreciate the arts is as simple as purchasing a ticket to a local show or theatre production and having an open mind. You might not know you are a fan of drama and theatre until you experience the thrill of seeing a live show for the first time!

Orlando is a mecca for talented, yet-to-be-discovered performers, who might make it big one day. Who knows! You could be witnessing history being made just by supporting a performer who could eventually become a world-renowned star. First, I suggest giving the shows listed below a chance because they are truly unique and captivating. Also, some of the best apartments in Orlando are just a few minutes away from these shows.

Word of mouth is your greatest tool for vetting the best shows. The smartest way to know which shows are the best in the area is to talk to other people living in Full Sail apartments or friends who might have already experienced these events themselves.

Cirque Du Soleil

If you have never had the pleasure of seeing a Cirque Du Soleil show, then you must treat yourself to this magnificent visual event. The acrobats and performers that participate in the show do mind-bending and dangerous tricks that only trained professionals can attempt. At Disney Springs in Orlando, the newest show, Drawn to Life, is a story told through visual arts and circus performances. Every location in the United States has different themed shows and they change every few years or so.

If you don't end up seeing the show close to apartments near Full Sail, you could always see one in another state or location when traveling out of town. Although, it is easier just to see the shows offered near Full Sail Off-Campus Housing if you are local to Florida. Either way, you owe it to yourself to find the nearest Cirque show to check it off a list of many cool shows to see in Orlando.

Orlando Philharmonic

Another form of entertainment that can tie into a person's love for classical and professional music, is to see a philharmonic orchestra play in person. This might not be everyone's first choice or cup of tea, but the music produced within the walls of a classical music hall is beautiful, traditional, and as pure and special as music can get.

If you live in a Full Sail apartment and you attend Full Sail University, chances are you have friends who make music or are someone who loves music. Full Sail University has an excellent selection of Music and Recording bachelor's degrees, which means seeing a musical performance might be right up your alley!

Orlando Improv

Seeing an Improv show is not meant for everyone. Sometimes when you go to a comedy show, you might have high expectations and not like the comedian performing onstage. Not everyone has the talent meant for comedy but at this Orlando location, you can be sure that some of the biggest names in the comedy world perform here from time to time.

This event is not suitable for children, but anyone over 18 can come to a show at the Orlando Improv and have a dinner included in the admission price. Dinner and a show, how can you go wrong?

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