I’m feeling creative. Where can I go to do some artistic activities near UCF apartments?

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Find creative activities right near your Riverwind apartment.

It's great to get out of your UCF apartment and let loose by creating art every once in a while. Even if you don't consider yourself an artist, art is a great way to express yourself, relieve stress, or get your creative juices flowing. Art can also be intimidating; those who aren't familiar may worry about where or how to start, especially if your apartment doesn't have a clubhouse or other public space you can use. That's why a great activity to do at apartments near UCF is to get out and attend an art class! You can bring a group of friends and roommates or go it alone and make new friends in your community. 

Painting Classes near UCF apartments

Painting is a great stress reliever, from acrylics to soft watercolors to messy finger painting. If you don't want to risk staining your apartment's furniture, consider going out with a group of friends to these classes! Below is a list of various artistic activities to have a fun painting night. Go to relax, have fun, or to add some new skills to your artistic tool belt.

The Dirty Pour Project is a flexible company that will bring the activity to you! You can book them at all sorts of activities, making them great for parties, anniversaries, and other special occasions. Learn how to create mesmerizing paint pour patterns that you can recreate at home.

KT Artistry offers painting classes for all ages and offers large group discounts. With a fun and relaxing atmosphere, feel free to bring your own snacks or even B.Y.O.B. if the mood strikes you! Pick a painting that your group wants to recreate and let your creativity run wild. Supplies provided.

Caryn Dahm offers watercolor classes and workshops for all levels of artists. Weekend workshops welcome the community to a relaxing and free watercolor project. You can come to learn, get inspired, or just to have fun! There are also classes to teach the more serious artists how to hone their skills.

Other art classes near UCF apartments

If painting isn't your style, worry not: there are plenty of other art classes to choose from by apartments near UCF. These next selections offer experiences with a variety of different mediums. You're sure to find something you like! 

If you love DIY, you'll love this next selection: Beau Q Creations is an arts and crafts store that offers stamping and paper crafting classes that are perfect for creating adorable, personalized gifts for friends and family. For those artists with a busy schedule, they also offer online options. Stop by their store to see which selection of crafting supplies is on sale. 

Stroke of Art does it all: painting, drawing, pottery, ceramics, and sculpture. They teach artists of all skill levels and offer classes, workshops, and after school enrichment and camps for kids. They believe in the process, so head on over to discover yours! 

If you're more of a visual arts person, or you have a theatrical streak, try Class Act Studio's acting classes. These professional level classes can help you unlock your hidden talent, and they pride themselves on their skilled and caring community. These actors are serious, but if you're committed, you'll learn a lot.

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