What can I do when it's raining near my Orlando apartment?

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Listen to the rain outside your beautiful apartment Fitness Center

It's a stormy season here in Florida, and in your apartment near UCF, you might be wondering how you can keep yourself entertained, even if it rains all day. This summer, you also need to be careful with these activities, as there could be thunder and lightning storms. In case it is a lightning storm, most of the suggestions on this list will be indoors, but if it is only raining, you can always grab an umbrella or rain jacket and take a nature trail walk! It might also help to have an apartment with pest control, in case the insects want to come in from the rain.

Fitness near m UCF Apartment

If you are used to going outside to stay active, rain might put a damper on your daily routine and make you unintentionally less active. This can be tackled by doing indoor fitness. There are many apartments with fitness center options. You might have to bring an umbrella if the gym is attached to a different part of the building. You can also drive to an indoor gym and maintain a membership with them. Planet Fitness is a less costly choice, for example ($10-$25 a month). Another option would be an online membership with something like Nike Training Club to have access to videos and workouts you can do standing in your apartment. It is also available as an app on your smartphone for free!


When it's gloomy outside, it can be easy to just sit and watch tv and forget about your social needs. However, it is easy to make time for others during the rain, especially if you have roommates. Maybe you want an apartment with roommate matching or perhaps you already have. There is also the chance that you don't know your roommates very well, and a rainy day is a perfect time to invite them out of their rooms to play a board game or card game all together. You can also have friends come to visit you, if the streets are safe.

Passing the Time

Sometimes it's better to just pass the time until a storm subsides. There is, of course, subscribing to an online streaming service to watch television shows and movies. You could play video games or surf the web, unless the storm is so bad the power goes out. However, I feel that the best way to handle being stuck in the house is to stay productive. Apps like Sunsama and Todoist help you organize your list of to-dos and feel a sense of accomplishment when you complete tasks. Having a reminder to complete important things can be a great motivator during the long, rainy day.

In Florida, Summer means storms, and your UCF apartment can be a great place to be planted during the rain. When the skies are gray, the internet can be your best friend. You can keep up with your fitness, your organization and planning skills, or just catch up on your favorite entertainment. Whatever you choose, an apartment with amenities is always a perk. UCF apartments often have fitness centers and washers and dryers that are in-unit so you never have to leave! The less you are out in a lightning storm, the better. So remember to stay indoors and keep safe this storm season.

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