How can I find an Orlando apartment that looks more elegant?

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Finding stainless steel appliances and a washer and dryer in-unit can add to the elegance of your apartment

Living in your Orlando apartment, you might have found a love for a good-looking space of your own. Maybe you are searching for an apartment but want to make sure it looks best for you. There is nothing wrong with being selective about where you live. After all, it is your space while you rent it, and this will be a space that you will look at every day. It will be a place that you bring guests to, friends, family. Even if it comes with more to clean, it will be worth it when you see its perfection.

Living near UCF, it can be easy to find a less expensive apartment with simpler amenities. If looks, technology and ease of use are important to you, here are some ways to search with your wants in mind.

Appliances and Amenities

Of course, the first thing to suggest would be stainless steel appliances in your apartment. 407Apartment's search engine has many different filters, including stainless steel appliances. These appliances, usually in your kitchen, would be shiny and sleek, certainly high-end, and better quality. They would, however, be more difficult to clean, so make sure you bring stainless steel cleaners with you to keep them shiny and free from fingerprints.

Furnishings are an important aspect of any apartment. Whether you choose a furnished apartment or decorate it yourself, it will play a big role in the elegance of your apartment. Also, don't forget about the possibility of a glass stovetop. Much easier to clean, it will give your apartment a much more modern look than one with separate, raised elements.

One other choice you can make is whether you would like your washer and dryer in your apartment or simply on-site. If those appliances are newer or also stainless steel it could contribute to the look of your apartment, as well as make your day-to-day easier. Finally, you could search for a granite or stone countertop, which could often mean a gorgeous kitchen island. We're talking a lot about the kitchen space as it truly is the centerpiece of your apartment. A place that will catch the eye and be the place of memories.

Other Attributes

You could be worried about roommates living with you "ruining" the image that you have worked hard to create in your apartment. There are always 1-Bedroom options near UCF for you. It would create a space that is truly all your own, though it would likely not be as spacious and without as many features as a multi-room apartment. Also, you could find an apartment with roommate matching, to find people who work well with you and your vision of beauty and cleanliness.


It is important to remember that high-end features are not required for you to be happy in your living space. It can sometimes be difficult to afford more amenities, so always keep your budget in mind. Be sure to use 407's search engine to narrow down what apartment would work for you; and most importantly, would make you the happiest while you study.

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