Moving Day At Your Orlando Apartment

Tips For Moving Day

Writing on Moving BoxesMoving day at your new Orlando apartment can be hectic for everyone, especially renters (like yourself) and their moving crew. In order to make moving day as easy as possible, it is important to remember a couple of key items that will make the day stress-free.

What To Expect On Moving Day With Professional Movers

Professional movers handle these stressful jobs on a daily basis. The crew you choose to help you move into your new Orlando apartment should reduce your anxiety by arriving on time, introducing themselves, reviewing your items and getting right to work. It is not necessary nor allowed, due to liabilities, for you to help movers, but it is important to guide them with direction and special instructions. Professional moving companies have a specific process on how to properly pack the truck(s) based on your items and the travel time, so let them evaluate your job and trust their experience and judgment.

Should I Offer Refreshments To Professional Movers?

Professional movers often have extremely busy daily schedules, especially during the summer when more renters tend to relocate. Movers often don't have time to take a lunch break or make a trip to get a drink. As a kind gesture, be sure to have refreshments on hand for your crew, especially if you're making a big move to a four bedroom apartment. Go with quick food options like protein bars, bagels, fruit or sandwiches and have a variety of drinks to offer thirsty movers. If it's hot outside, be sure you have a few bottles of water for each worker as they'll need to be hydrated in order to perform at a high level.

Etiquette For Tipping A Moving Company

Additionally, movers typically work very long and hard days, and if you have a long-distance move to your Orlando apartment, the process is just beginning. They likely have a long drive ahead of them to your new space, or they might need to make several stops. Any way you pack it, moving is a hard job, so have some cash available to show that you appreciate their hard work, especially if they do a thorough job. Gratuity is always appreciated for hard work and is proper etiquette within the moving industry. Typically, you should plan to tip the movers $20 or more per mover for the job. If you're moving a long distance and the same crew delivers your items the whole way, you should plan to pay up to $100 or more per mover.

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