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Lit Pool AreaSetting Up Utilities in Your Orlando Apartment

Nothing helps your new Orlando apartment feel more like home than getting your electric, internet, phone and cable set up. To expedite this process, do not wait until you move into your new apartment to get started. Often these services take a few days or weeks to get scheduled and set up. The utility company should be able to set up your account ahead of time and hold your billing until you actually take residence of your apartment. The Orlando area has a few options for electric, phone, internet and cable or satellite. Below are some ideas and resources to help make moving into your Orlando apartment a little smoother.

  • Pre-arrange all your utilities. As mentioned above utilities are something that you will want to get started on before moving into your new apartment. You will probably want to contact utility companies about two or three weeks before moving.

  • Check it out. Check with your new apartment staff to see what the building is wired for (phone, cable, and new apartment buildings may have Cat5 cable for plug-in internet or provide wireless). Also, if you have not done so already check with you apartment staff to see if any services are included with your rent. Going with Satellite TV will also require a check with the apartment staff as they may have restrictions on where you place your dish.

  • Existing Services. Don’t forget to turn off your existing utilities when moving! Also, check to see if your current provider offers service at your new apartment. It will be loads easier and less expensive to transfer service rather than set up a new account.

  • Fees. New services may require a deposit anywhere from $50 to $300 dollars, depending on your credit history and type of services purchased. This deposit will either be applied to your future bills or returned when you cancel service. Expect a review of your personal credit when signing up. You may bypass the deposit and credit check if you can show a past utility account that was kept in good standing. Additionally do not be surprised if there is some type of installation fee associated with a new account. But before agreeing to this charge, negotiate with your company. Utilities have become extremely competitive and are often willing to negotiate down fees when signing up new accounts.

  • Bundle and save. Check with the providers at your new apartment to see if they offer multiple services or bundling. Often providers will reduce service costs with a bundle and you only have one bill to pay each month.
Head's up, some apartments in Orlando offer all-inclusive options where utilities may be bundled with the monthly rent. This is particularly common in student apartments near UCF. If your apartment includes electricity or water, the office may have different guidelines for utility setup (or may even take care of it for you!)

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