I’m relocating to Orlando with my two children, and I want to move to an apartment in a good school district. Any tips?

Researching the best neighborhoods, suburbs, or counties in a large city like Orlando is very challenging, especially if you are new to the area. Where you choose to rent an apartment in Orlando can have a dramatic effect on your experience in this city, so prior research is certainly valuable. School districts are also an important aspect to consider if you have or are planning to have kids. Orlando is the 9th largest school district in the United States, with 125 elementary schools, 37 middle, and 20 high schools. It is only natural to want your children to have a good educational experience, and luckily Orlando is home to A+ schools for all age groups.

If you are in the process of researching school districts, Google is your best friend. Websites like these are invaluable when sorting through school after school. Once you have a rough list of your top schools, you can start narrowing down your apartment options. One option is to choose your favorite neighborhood for your Orlando apartment. For example, Winter Park is home to a top-rated high school. Sorting by neighborhood may be a good way to find good schools. It's also helpful if you're considering factors such as work commute, and proximity to shopping, dining and entertainment options. Check out 407apartments' Orlando Relocation Guide for helpful tips and information on these topics.

Another great way to guarantee your children go to your top choice school is by selecting your Orlando apartment via zip code. Your child's school district is almost always determined by your home address, so making sure your apartment is in the right part of Orlando can save a lot of trouble. For example, say your child is about to start 7th grade. If you have your eyes set on them attending Blankner Middle School, the second best rated middle school in Orlando, then it'd be most convenient if your apartment was located in the same zip code of 32806.

The final way to search for apartments in good school districts is by county. Four different counties make up the Orlando area, each ranging in school ratings. Searching for an apartment by county can be good for a few reasons. If you work in a specific county, such as Osceola County, chances are pretty good that you won't want to drive your children to a school that is north of downtown Orlando. Searching by county is also good if you are trying to find multiple top-rated schools for children in different grade levels.

Setting your child up for success is such an important part of being a parent. One of the best gifts you can afford your children is a quality education. This can give them a strong foundation that they can then build on for the rest of their lives. Orlando has several highly-rated schools with top-notch academics and activities. This area is also home to a couple of highly-rated universities, making it the perfect place for children of all ages! 

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