What are the benefits of having a valet trash service at my apartment in Orlando?

What is Valet Trash Service?

Valet trash pickup is a full-service trash collection amenity provided by many apartment communities. A trash collection service will collect and remove trash right from the doorstep of apartment home residents.

Having a valet trash service at your apartment in Orlando is one of those things that feels so luxurious, yet is actually extremely practical. If you are someone who enjoys taking out the trash, you may not be a big fan of the service. Maybe you like the extra exercise or the sense of accomplishment that comes with tidying up in general. However, if you are someone like me who will (shamefully) let the trash pile up until the last possible minute, valet trash is perfect for you. Being able to put my trash outside my door and having it "magically" disappear has been much more beneficial than I ever thought. No more struggling trying to carry heavy trash bags to the dumpster on the other side of your apartment. It's the little things.

Find Apartments with Valet Trash Removal

If you are looking for an apartment with a valet trash service, you are in luck. Many apartments in Orlando are signing on to the service for their residents' convenience, so you will definitely be able to find one perfect for your preferences. Whether you are looking for UCF student apartments, apartments in Sanford, or anywhere else in Orlando, you will find an apartment that will (quite literally) take your trash off your hands for you. If you are on the fence about having the valet trash service, let's take a closer look below: 

Benefits of Valet Trash Service 

  • One less thing on your to-do list. Many people are so busy with school, work, and other responsibilities that simple household tasks, like taking out the trash, get put on the back-burner until they become a necessity. Valet trash service takes care of that issue by coming straight to your front doorstep with an easy pick-up process.

  • Recycling made easy. Most people do not actively make a choice to not help the environment. More often, it is simply inconvenient for many people to have to separate and then bring multiple different trash bags to their dumpster or compactor. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, only 34% of all discarded things are recycled. Many valet trash services will provide a recycling bin with the same easy pick-up concept. We all know how great the benefits of recycling are for our environment, so why not make it easier on yourself to help out?

  • Sweet simplicity. Simply place your trash bag(s) in the provided container outside your doorstep and bring the container back inside when the pick-up period is over. No fussing with stairs or heavy bags. 

  • No more "it's your turn" arguments. No more roommate/significant other/family feuds will be started over who took the trash out last. This is just the best for everyone. 

Things to Know About Valet Trash Service

Of course, there are a few things to know about having valet trash service at your Orlando apartment that may help you make your decision. One of the most important things to know is that you have to follow the rules set by your apartment and the valet trash supplier for the service to be most effective. There are certain days and times to put your trash out and take it in, or you may be fined. You must also follow all of the common trash rules, such as making sure all of the contents are bagged and secured. In addition, there will also be a minor cost associated with valet trash service. Many times, the cost is included in your monthly rent rate, but it will be helpful to ask your leasing agent when you visit a prospective apartment community.
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