Melisa Figueroa Photo

Digital Marketing Associate

Melisa Figueroa

Melisa is a go-getter who loves creating positive change in peoples' lives through public relations and communications. She loves working with and meeting new people and uses her passions to create lasting relationships. She has worked in retail marketing, non-profit public relations, event planning, radio station promotions, creating social media strategies, and more communications areas, all while still in school at the University of Florida. She made it her goal to gain as much experience as possible during her college years in order to have a broad range of knowledge for the future. Once she graduated with her degree in public relations, she knew that she wanted to use her skills to make a difference. What better way to do that than connecting clients with renters to find their perfect apartment? It is a life-changing experience!

As a Digital Marketing Associate, Melisa works with SEO and the strategic online presence that is so vital to digital success today. She loves to use her creative side to think of new and exciting ways to make those apartment-renter connections. Melisa believes that choosing where to live is the one of the most personal and impactful decisions many renters will make this year. It will affect not only their personal comfort, but also their growth and success. Melisa hopes that her role will make the process of finding the perfect match not only easier, but also a fun and enjoyable process for renters.

Now a permanent North Florida resident, Melisa grew up under the sun on Melbourne, Florida's sandy beaches. When she's not working or learning new things about the industry, you can find Melisa practicing yoga to unwind, using her retail eye to repurpose used clothing, or on the road to her next adventure exploring new cities. She also loves writing, attempting new recipes, and Tina Fey.

Fun Facts about Melisa:

  • She'll try any and every type of food – she can't think of any she doesn't like!
  • She's seen every episode of Bob's Burgers at least twice.
  • She made several cameo appearances as the Chick-Fil-A cow in high school.
  • Apartment must-haves: walk-in closet, heated pool, and screened-in patio with a good view.