This town is known for its tourism. Will I get a college feel here?

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The Verge Orlando
The Verge has the ultimate college feel.

Yes, Orlando is considered an epitome for Disney lovers and tourist attractions alike. However, UCF, distant from the Disney area, separates itself from the magical world of tourism and fantasy. The University of Central Florida has been honored with receiving recognition for having the 20th most beautiful University campus in the country. As a result of its rapid growth of students, ICF has provided student housing alongside the perimeter of its University campus. The campus, divided up in categories, includes Greek housing and communities, Knights Plaza which is a athletic village, and student recreation. From the campus structure alone, it is quite evident that you will definitely experience and feel the collegiate vibe while attending UCF. In addition, there are over fifty thousand undergraduate students at the campus! No matter where your UCF apartment is, you are sure to have a student as your neighbor.

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