Is there anything specific I need to do before I leave on vacation at my UCF apartment?

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As we enter the holiday season, many of us will be on the road or traveling by plane, visiting friends and family, and away from our homes. We compiled a list of things you may want to do before leaving your apartment near UCF for the holidays.


Nothing tells people you are away like piled-up mail. Before you leave town, it is a good idea to set up a hold on your mail with United States Postal Service (USPS). They will hold your mail at a local post office until you return. You can set the hold for up to 30 days, and they will deliver it, or you can elect to pick it up when convenient for you.


When you arrive after the holidays, the last thing you want to come home to is the smell of old food and trash that has been left in your apartment the whole time you were gone. It is a good idea to take out your trash right before you leave for the smell, but this will also prevent any bugs from coming into your apartment. Bugs can be a problem in any location in Florida, not just your University of Central Florida apartment.


Same thinking as the trash, coming home to spoiled milk or leftover food in the refrigerator is not an ideal welcome when you come back from vacation. It is a good idea to clear your refrigerator of any perishable foods that will spoil while you are away. Condiments will be ok and can be kept in your refrigerator while you are away.


Make sure to go around and check all the windows and doors before you leave. As the UCF campus empties out around the holidays, many know apartments do the same. It is best to ensure your apartment is secure and locked up tight to be on the safe side.


Winters are mild at your UCF apartment, but you will want to set your thermostat at a reasonable temperature while you are away. You don't want to leave it chilled and waste energy or spend money cooling your apartment when you aren't there, but you don't want it to become too warm either. 78-80 degrees might be a suitable temperature while you are gone to keep the air circulating.


Unplugging any electronics saves on electricity and saves the electronics if the power goes out or has a surge. Unplug the television, coffee maker, toaster, and computer. You may want to leave a radio or light on or on a timer, so it appears that someone is home if you are worried about that.


If your apartment has a washing machine, you may want to turn off the water there or in the bathroom to prevent a flood in case a pipe breaks while you are away.

Last but not least, do not announce what dates you will be gone on social media. If you share your apartment with roommates, make sure to compare schedules on when everyone will be gone and returning. If you do not have roommates, you may want to let a few neighbors know when you will be gone. They can help watch your apartment and contact you just in case something happens. We hope this list helps you plan for your time away from your apartment near the University of Central Florida during the holidays.

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