How to implement more eco-friendly practices in apartments near UCF?

If you have a green thumb, but are living near the University of Central Florida, it can be hard to be more eco-friendly on a tight budget. There's a misconception that all things good for the environment are always expensive which isn't fully true. There are plenty of ways to give back to the earth without needing a hefty budget. As a college student, especially, sometimes it's challenging to stay within a strict budget.

You can turn most of your habits eco-friendly if you look and examine the things around you in UCF apartments. To be eco-friendly, you have to reduce waste, reuse materials so less of it ends up in landfills, and if possible, recycle materials so they can make it to the right place. If this sounds appealing to you, you can look for apartments with recycling to start.

Swap Out Non-reusable Items in Your UCF Apartment

Some of the most common things you use in your everyday life can be replaced with a reusable alternative. One of the biggest is paper goods. Things like paper towels, napkins, and wipes can all be replaced with cloth towels and rags. There are eco-friendly dish towels that can be rewashed and used for cleaning almost anything.

Another option is when you purchase groceries you utilize tote bags or other containers that can be reused for every grocery run. These bags tend to be sturdier than plastic bags, are relatively inexpensive, can be washed, and can stay in your car for convenience purposes. Plus, they come in all different material types, shapes, colors, and sizes. No matter what groceries and houseware items you buy for your UCF apartment, there's most likely a bag that can fit all of it.

Additionally, looking into purchasing a wooden drying rack for both clothes and dishes can be a great way to utilize natural light and air to dry your items. Instead of using a bunch of electricity, you can opt for what mother earth gave you instead. This will also reduce your utility bill by a lot and save you money for other expenses.

Change Your Habits in Apartments Near UCF

To live a more green lifestyle, you need to make sure your habits align with preserving the environment first. A great way to start is to live in an energy-efficient apartment. Although this might seem like it only benefits your wallet because the utility bill in your UCF apartment will be less expensive, it's also better for the environment when less electricity and energy is being funneled into your apartment. You can't live completely electricity-free, but turning off lights, letting natural light in, and wasting less water are great tricks to helping the earth.

You could also opt for living in a smoke-free apartment. Not only is smoke bad for your health, but it's beneficial to decrease the output of smoke into the air if it's within your power to do so. Ultimately, awareness and a willingness to change are the best tools to being more eco-consciousness in your apartment at college.

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