How to get involved with student activities and clubs while living in off-campus UCF apartments?

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Even if you are a student living in off-campus housing near the University of Central Florida, that doesn't mean that you will have a lesser chance of participating in student clubs and organizations. Of course, having a UCF apartment right near campus would ensure that you are exposed to many of the activities that living close by have to offer. Not everyone has this luxury, and living closer to campus tends to be very competitive and expensive.

Instead, with some effort and the right resources and exposure, you can find yourself with an abundance of different clubs and activities to participate in!

Look Online for UCF Student Clubs and Organizations

The internet is a great resource for finding out what's going on near the University of Central Florida. Most clubs and organizations have some form of online presence where you can find out when their meetings are and how to get involved. The main UCF Clubs and Organizations website can be helpful for browsing all the opportunities available at a given time.

There are opportunities ranging from athletic teams, fundraising for certain clubs, general and informational meeting dates for clubs, and club events that are being hosted near most UCF apartments.

Get in Touch With Other Students Living in UCF Apartments

One of the easiest ways to get involved with things going on around campus is to connect with other people living in student apartments. A lot of students live near or around the main campus, so if you meet a few of them, chances are they are involved in clubs and some of the organizations at UCF. People underestimate the power of "word of mouth" to find new opportunities that they might not have otherwise, but it can be extremely effective!

If you opt for an apartment with roommate-matching, there's a higher likelihood that you can meet other students with like-minded interests.

Secure a Reliable Mode of Transportation at Apartments Near UCF

When you first join a club or organization, it is very time-consuming and the demand for you to attend meetings and participate to become an active member of the club is very high. Despite this, being in many clubs is also very rewarding and can give you a great excuse to get out of your UCF apartment for a few hours a day!

Not only does volunteering and being a part of a club look good on job resumes and applications for other educational endeavors, but it can also help you network and meet people that can help you further your career down the road.

You must attend club meetings often to reap the benefits of putting club activity participation on your resume. You cannot attend meetings on campus without having a reliable ride to get there. Using the SunRail or the UCF Shuttle for transportation to and from your apartment near UCF to these meetings can help you better plan for attending the meetings on time and consistently throughout the year.

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