How do I stop my dog from tearing up my Orlando apartment?

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Keep your dog from destroying beautiful furnished apartments like this one at Bell Timacuan.

If you want to bring your dog to Orlando, finding the perfect pet friendly apartments in Orlando is the first step. Many college students bring their pets to their apartments in Orlando for companionship, comfort, and an excuse to meet new people. Yet while it's true that a dog is a human's best friend, it's also true that dogs can have destructive tendencies that don't fit well with apartment living. Dogs have instincts that can't be helped, and a dog that likes to chew can cost you hundreds in dollars for repairing a furnished apartment and replacing your belongings. If you have this worry for your dog, read on for tips on how to keep your pet well-behaved in your Orlando apartment.

Setting boundaries in Orlando apartments

The first step to ensure that your dog doesn't overstep is to set clear boundaries. This means to ensure that your dog knows what they're allowed to do and what they're not allowed to do. In practice, this boils down to correcting your pet early and often when they start chewing on something you don't approve of, then redirecting that behavior into something you want to encourage them to do. For example, if your dog starts chewing on a table leg, immediately stop them and replace it with a chew toy instead. Do this as many times as necessary until your dog gets the message. Persistence is key: you can't give up before your dog does!

If your pet is used to misbehaving, it may try to test your patience and boundaries again and again to see if they can get away with the behavior they're used to. Stay strong and try not to get emotional when your dog acts out; getting upset won't help the dog understand. If you keep your boundaries strict and don't allow any leeway, you'll start to see a change in the behavior of your dog. This change won't happen overnight, but slowly and gradually.

Invest in quality training

A well-trained pet is a must if you're keeping your dog at apartments in Orlando. This is not only to keep your pet from destroying your belongings, but also to keep you, your dog, and your community safe. After all, if your apartment complex isn't gated and your dog decides to go off on their own, they could get lost, hurt, or cause someone else to be hurt. If you're having trouble training your dog one on one, it may be time to hire a professional trainer.

Trainers have tried and true advice that you can't get anywhere else, and they'll know what to do in specific situations where you can't just consult the internet. Today, you can hire a dog trainer in any form that fits your schedule. You can meet locally, have someone come to your apartment, or get advice through a zoom call. Trainers are also a great resource because they can offer support when you're struggling and help you to feel like you're not alone.

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