I am considering a job transfer, should I move to Orlando?

So, you are thinking about moving to Orlando. I am sure by now you have began to read the variety of opinions, reviews, ratings, and hundreds upon hundreds of answers regarding Orlando. This is why we love Google, right? However, taking a juxtaposition of search after search can get quite overwhelming. After all, this is a research project.

A great way to start is to think about what it is that you want to get out of your Orlando experience. Intuit a particular result and then marshal ways for it to happen. You may be thinking ‘here comes more research.." and you may be slightly right. However, the easiest way to take control of your search is to get to know your newfound city. After all, we are all products of our own environment.

Life is comfortable in Orlando. With a Southern city vibe and great weather, it is no wonder why this city has been deemed a tourist haven. Orlando is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. With several state colleges and theme parks, nearly millions upon millions of people visit this city each year, surpassing New York City ‘s amount of yearly vistors. But, there is more to this city than fireworks and fantasy. Let's take a look at the facts.

You are moving to a new city to pursue a business endeavor in Orlando. For the majority of business professionals in this city, their principal place of business is located in downtown Orlando. So, we will focus on this area.

Aside from being centered near work, downtown Orlando is perfect for sports lovers. Home to the Orlando Magic, you can easily snag yourself a seat to watch your new home-team play their rival competitors, The Heat. Downtown is also an idea area to explore your social surroundings. Transitioning to an area where it is easy to meet a new face definitely helps alleviate your potential culture shock to a new city.

Downtown is the center of influence for social networking. Blended in a mix of urban prosperity and small city charm, this metropolitan area is filled with bars, fine dinning, local eateries, shops. This is a fantastic neighborhood to experience a lively night-life. Orlando apartments in this area do tend to be higher priced than suburbia communities outside of the district.

Maitland and Altamonte Springs are also attractive areas if you're hoping to find an apartment near work. Many large companies are headquartered here, as the easy access to I-4 makes this area attractive for growing companies like Adventist Health and ADP.

Perhaps you are relocating to the area with a family. Apartments in Orlando that are ideal for families will be based around safe neighborhoods, apartment prices, and convenience.

Thornton Park Is a great community just walking distance from downtown. Lined in brick, Thornton Park has been named as Orlando's most stylish district. The residential neighborhood in this community is shaded by oak embedded bungalows, and equipped with wrap around porches. Apartments near this area are fairly priced.

Baldwin Park is only a five-minute drive from downtown. This community used to be an old Naval training base. Therefore, Baldwin Park is one of those neighborhoods where everything you need is only a short drive away. And, we mean everything. This includes grocery stores, doctors offices, shopping, local bars and more. However, Orlando apartments in this community may be priced on the higher end. Although, you will likely save the price differences in gas expenses.

Winter Park is a little further from downtown, leaving you to travel fifteen minutes to and from work. Winter park is a bit of an older community, so apartments in this area tend to be on the older side as well. Communities in Winter Park are usually off of major highways and may not be ideal for dog walkers or joggers. However, this reputable and upscale neighborhood is surrounded by great schools, shopping and restaurants.

Moving to the Orlando for purposes of work can definitely allow you the opportunity to experience a city or suburbia life. With plenty of entertainment within minutes away from your home, you may find Orlando a suitable space for fine living.

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