Where are the most popular places to live for students?

Although Full Sail does not have on campus housing at the University, there are dozens upon dozens of affordable apartments accommodating to a local student the Orlando area.

The perk of attending Full Sail University is that you get to live in the Orlando area. The city of Orlando has plenty of Full Sail apartments available for its students in several desired locations. Within a five- mile radius of campus, there are over 40 different Full Sail apartments.

Most students tend to live in the area near Winter Park for the convenience of a short travel to campus. Off Campus communities in this area are more famously known to house those students attending UCF. This is because UCF is very close to the Full Sail campus. Living near UCF definitely has its advantages.

The Winter Park neighborhood is embedded with a sea of off campus havens. Aside from the fact that the properties encourage easy living for a student, it is only a short drive from campus. Apartments near Full Sail in the Winter Park area are surrounded with social settings. This is especially a great area for those looking to meet new face. Manifesting a friendship is not always easy in a new city. It may be best to move into an area filled with friendly faces. Put your social skills to test and venture out to the local bars and shops just outside of this area.

More importantly, for a student it is vital that both the neighborhood and rent comport with your needs. The neighborhood of Winter Park is known to cater to its UCF and Full Sail students. Some communities in this area offer roommate selection, helping its residents to share the cost of a lease or pay a lesser amount.

If you are looking for more affordable areas check for homes near Aloma avenue. However, keep in mind that this neighborhood may not be as safe or accommodating as student deemed areas.

Downtown Orlando is another popular living district for students in Orlando. Just a short drive from campus, Downtown offers the experience of a thriving city life just minutes from a neighborhood atmosphere. Although you will undoubtedly experience a fair amount of traffic in this district, you will not have to travel far to find any source of entertainment. Downtown is the perfect area for those who love to walk to nearly everything. A slight reflection of New York City, Downtown Orlando is filled with stacked apartments, modern grocery stores and handfuls of world known restaurants. The biggest downfall for students living or looking to live in Downtown is that homes in this area do not favor a student budget. However, you may consider living just outside of this lively district and settle in upscale communities such as Thornton or Baldwin Park.

While attending Full Sail, students have the ability to experience both spectrums of student living. Whether you choose to live in an area that is more populated with students or an area that is more vibrant, know that each are only a short drive from campus.

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