I am looking for apartments near entertainment but away from Disney. Where can I live?

Orlando is the epicenter for universal entertainment. Whether the entertainment be catered to tourists in forms of Disney dreams or cathedral convention centers for business professionals, Orlando is sure to have everything outside and in between to meet the needs of nearly every individual.

Over 51 million people make a trip to Orlando each year, only 3 percent of that being international visitors. You can bet that the remaining 97 percent of visitors are domestic. With those statistics, you can make a fair inference that there must be some harboring attraction in the area aside from theme parks. In fact, Orlando owns nearly 2.6 million acres of town, making it the size of Austin, Texas. With nearly 5,300 restaurants and fine dines, the most difficult task when searching for Orlando apartments is deciding which area to live in.

For a thriving residential and business center, try looking for a community in downtown Orlando. If you have never been to the downtown area of the city, think of it as New York City meets South Beach. With high rise buildings, brick communities, restaurants as your neighbors, and public parking, downtown Orlando has a very laid back yet metropolitan vibe. This area tends to be growing with young business professionals and graduate students. If you are a night owl, there is plenty to do in the neighborhood! In the center of downtown, is Wall Street. This street is covered with fine dinning, hip clubs, live music and handfuls of bars, which actually turn into a block party on the weekends. Although this area tends to be more expensive than surrounding counties in Orlando, it is next to major roadways, hotels, entertainment, and is only thirty minutes way from Disney.

If shopping is your favorite form of entertainment, try looking for apartments in Orlando near Lake Buena Vista. Although this area is closer to the Disney attraction area, there are plenty of outlet and high-end stores inhabiting this neighborhood. From Juicy and Coach outlets to Forever21 and Northface, there is a store for every shopping addiction.

If you are seeking luxury in your new home, try taking up a unit near Windemere. This area is famous for attracting numerous celebrities who enjoy high-end floor plans. This gorgeous neighborhood feels hours away from Disney, although is only twenty minutes drive. You will rarely find a tourist in this area.

Metro west is a well reputable town. Known as a kid-friendly community, Metro West is only a 15-minute drive to downtown, ten minutes from Millennia Mall (arguably the best mall in Orlando), and is surrounded by a golf course. With nearly a form of entertainment in every direction of this neighborhood, this area is quite affordable and is just a short walk to Publix and local shops.

Celebration is internationally known for its high degree of entertainment and fine dinning. There are a variety of world-class restaurants within walking distance of this community. Celebration is built with convenience in mind, allowing its residence to rarely have to leave their compound. Although just minutes from Disney, you will feel hours away. Just outside of this charming area, are some of Orlando’s best schools and hospitals. However, Orlando apartments in Celebration may be a bit pricier.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to deciding where to seek refuge in Orlando. With a variety of apartments to adapt to every style of living, Orlando has become one of Florida’s most entertaining cities.

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