Orlando is known as a Tourist Town. Will I experience a College atmosphere here?

Orlando is a highly entertaining attraction for Disney Lovers and adventure seekers looking to experience child hood memories and family fun. Nearly forty-seven million theme park goers visit the Orlando Disney theme parks each year! However, if you are looking to move to UCF apartments in order to attend the highly reputable University, you can find comfort knowing that the collegiate area boldly separates themselves from the magical world of tourism and fantasy.

The University of Central Florida is a thirty to forty minutes drive away from the tourism fortress. Being a short distance away from the tourist hot spots helps centralize the collegiate area keeping it more local and secluded from tourism. Although there are campus communities that are closer to the theme parks, most students tend to remain close to the student focused living areas.

The University of Central Florida is the second largest University in the United States. While attending The University of Central Florida, you will endure the full embodiment of a collegiate lifestyle. UCF has been deemed with receiving the honor of having the 20th most beautiful University Campuses in the Nation! The urbanized campus, rapidly expanding as a result of an influx of students, has transformed their campus into a student-focused haven. The campus is divided into several categories to help make living easier for its students. These separate communities include Greek communities for the school's fraternities and sororities, an athletic and student recreational village known as Knight's Plaza and on site living communities alongside the entire campus. On campus, there are restaurants, a movie theatre and a farmer's market!

The Greek life at the University of Central Florida will leave you with zero doubts of tourism in the Orlando area. Becoming a Greek is one of the best ways to become involved in your University. Aside from meeting new friends, there are plenty of Greek spaces where you can call your home! There are eleven houses in Greek Park on campus, with future plans to build additional areas.

The campus area is structured in modern upgrades and newer living spaces. Student living at UCF is not like most college campuses. Most dormitories on and off campus communities are draped in luxury living including granite counter tops and twenty-four hour business centers. Living on campus can add to the overall experience of your college career.

College football is a vital part of your college experience and can even take precedence over what school you decide to enroll in. Come game day at UCF, you can surely expect to feel the college competitive spirit in and throughout campus! The Brighthouse Networks Stadium proudly sits in the heart of campus where the Knights come to conquer! The Knights have played in four bowl games and have successfully taken over their division! There are plenty of apartments near UCF that are neighbors with the stadium, adding to the overall value of your college life.

As for your college social life, UCF has been voted in the top ten biggest party schools last April. The Orlando area has many clubs for its student's to choose from when deciding where and how they would like to spend their out of school hours. The town has endless possibilities when it comes to entertainment. Many students flock to the downtown area, which is less than a twenty-minute drive away from campus. Here, there are plenty of bars and restaurants to visit throughout the weekend and nightly hours. This area mostly consists of young business professionals and is a great place to visit if you are expecting to become a graduate student.

Overall, if you are moving to the Orlando area and you feel as though the tourism attraction will engulf your collegiate affairs, do not worry! The University area is centered towards its students, enhancing the moral and value of its student's college life. Thousands of new students are enrolling in Central Florida each year leading to the University's highly recognized school of research and hospitality to become a Nation Wide success. The expansion of students has also resulted in reconstruction of the campus in order to meet their student's needs and requirements. The heavy student population outweighs the tourist population in the area and you can bet on having a fulfilled college life at UCF!

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