Should I live with friends or find random roommates for my Orlando apartment?

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It is a really personal decision when figuring out your roommate situation for an Orlando apartment. Do you want to live in a three bedroom Orlando apartment? What about a four bedroom Orlando apartment? Upping the amount of roommates in your Orlando apartment saves you on rent, but it makes for a lot of different personalities under one roof--random, friends or otherwise. When looking for roommates for your Orlando apartment, you should start by figuring out what personalities are compatible with yours.

Do you want your Orlando apartment to always be clean? Or, are you more of a messy type of person? If you have friends who are compatible with your living style, moving into an Orlando apartment together might be a good option for you. You could also try a mix of friends and non-friends as roommates in your Orlando apartment. That way, you feel comfortable with at least one person you're living with, but  aren't pigeonholed into living with multiple people you don't know in your Orlando apartment. Another option would be to live with acquaintances--people you know already, but maybe don't know extremely well.

If in the worse case scenario the relationship was to go sour when living in your Orlando apartment, it wouldn't be a large loss. You wouldn't burn bridges with your best friend because of something silly that occurred while living together in an Orlando apartment. Some people, myself included, just can't live with their best friends--and that's not necessarily a bad thing. Choosing your roommate for an Orlando apartment is a big decision. If you do decide to not live with friends, but instead get matched with a random roommate for your Orlando apartment that's totally OK.

Many Orlando apartments offer roommate matching services that work out for both parties. Your leasing agent will have you fill out a form with simple questions like: "Do you like to stay up late? Is loud music OK with you?" From there, they'll find the right number of roommates for your Orlando apartment. Taking the time to figure out whether you'd like to live with friends or random roommates is extremely important to your happiness in an Orlando apartment. You want your Orlando apartment to be your sanctuary and not someplace you dread going to after work each and every day.

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