Why can't I pay my Full Sail apartment rent with cash?

First of all, having to visit the bank every month to withdraw such a large sum of money for your Full Sail apartment rent sounds downright annoying. Not only would you have to walk around with said large amount of money until you could get to your Full Sail apartment leasing office, but you'd also have to worry about making sure it didn't get stolen before you could get to the Full Sail apartment leasing office. Carrying any amount of cash over $100 is risky, and I'm sure your Full Sail apartment rent is much more than that. Full Sail apartments are a huge responsibility, why take such a risk with your payment method? Also, paying your Full Sail apartment rent with cash would keep it from being traceable. You want to have a record of your Full Sail apartment payment every month. If you didn't, the worse case (and total scam of) a scenario would be that your Full Sail apartment leasing office could say you never paid and try to charge you again, or even go so far as to kick you out of your Full Sail apartment. Now, of course, that's the doom-and-gloom scenario, but I'm trying to give you all of the possible options. You also want a paper trail of your Full Sail apartment payments for your next landlord. Having a proven track record of on-time Full Sail apartment rent payments only makes you look reliable, and is a thumbs up to your new potential landlord that they can trust you to do the same for them--at Full Sail or otherwise. 

Another thing to thing about is that most Full Sail leasing offices are not going to keep cash on hand like that. Someone would always have to be there to mind the safe, and leasing agents would then have to give change on Full Sail apartment rent. I don't know about you, but that sounds like a complete pain not only for the leasing agent but also for you. Most Full Sail apartments aren't going to want to handle that type of responsibility in the leasing office. They just don't have the facilities to store the large sums of money generated from rental payments on Full Sail apartments. 

Most Full Sail apartments will allow you to pay your rent with checks, credit cards and money orders. All of these transactions are easily traceable for the Full Sail apartment leasing agent, and you'll be able to keep a copy for your records, as well. Each month, you should definitely keep the receipts from paying your Full Sail apartment rent. Checks are super old school, but still a reliable method of payment. Credit cards and debit cards are definitely the easiest way to pay your Full Sail apartment rent, hands down. You can obtain a money order at a bank or even at a gas station with cash. Using a money order to pay your Full Sail apartment rent isn't the easiest route, but it's certainly easier than withdrawing cash from the bank each month.

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