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Victoria Phillips

Born and raised in Key West, Fla., Victoria’s upbringing was a unique one: She learned to swim before she could walk, and whipping up a batch of cupcakes is second nature thanks to her baking-centric family. She’s always down for a dance battle, and binge-watching TV is her guilty pleasure. An alumni of the University of Florida’s journalism school, Victoria is now an editor in New York City.

Finding an affordable apartment in the big apple is no easy task, and Victoria has accomplished this feat not just once but twice. Finding a good bargain is one of her passions, and Victoria is excited to put her skills to work for you.

Having personally dealt with poor management, absentee landlords and just downright gross apartments, Victoria’s become an expert at hunting down the right place for the right price. When she’s not busy crafting DIY projects for her cozy apartment, you can often find her with a nose in a book or just enjoying the outdoors.