I hate the sound of construction - Where can I live near campus that's quiet and secluded?

University of Central Florida. Under Construction Forever as it's more affectionately called by Orlando residents. What used to be a small tech school is now the nation's largest university in size and growth. That means student communities are sprouting up left and right. If you want to completely avoid the hustle and bustle of new bars, incoming students and the inevitable sound of the hammers then listen up! 

Secluded areas near campus
Believe it or not, there are still student communities near campus that aren't in the crosshairs of new construction. Even near the areas that have seemingly all been paved over. New class buildings, dorms, bars, restaurants, subdivisions… Even a new stadium! Where are these mythical secluded apartment communities that aren't being touched?

Generally, the further north you go the more secluded the communities seem to be. Some of my favorite areas are off McCulloch Rd directly west and east of campus. They are often hidden from view of the main road and don't have new neighbors popping up every semester.

On the 407Apartments Apartment Guide map, look at the map and view the available apartments north of McCulloch Rd for some good campus-accessible and quiet communities. 

The campus area is somewhere to avoid if you hate construction noises or the loud sounds of other people having fun. No one wants to be stuck with an 18 hour class schedule and be stuck living to bars while you study on late nights.

Believe it or not most of McCulloch Rd is relatively secluded and away from the large portion of UCF's noise and traffic. While I can't guarantee Gamedays I can guarantee you'll enjoy living close to campus and away from the heavy construction see you at the Alafaya Intersection or on the south side of campus. The further north you go the lighter Alafaya's traffic gets so look north in Oviedo as well. 

Where is there guaranteed no construction?
That's an tall task in the UCF area. If you absolutely have to avoid new construction then look for an apartment community in a developed area. Avoid anything close to Alafaya Trl that's south of campus as that is a rapidly developing area.

You'll find one charming aspect of East Orlando is the seclusion factor. There is no highway going through the main area and you won't be wading through tourists on this side of town. It's an enjoyable side of town for college students to live and rapidly growing. There are also many areas still secluded and still right near where the action is.

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