What are the benefits of living in downtown Orlando?

Downtown Orlando has drastically changed over the years. While the city of Orlando has drastically grown since Disney came decades ago, the downtown area has only recently hit it's stride. Unless you're looking at at some major income, the downtown Orlando has much more affordable units right in the area that are great options. To find some affordable communities in the area try the Orlando apartment search tool and use the map tool.

I've heard from more than a few visitors that the city of Orlando's downtown area is underrated and full of activities you would never expect in the area. Being able to live in this exciting area while still being in a city with affordable rental prices is a huge drawing point.

So places are pretty cheap for a major downtown area - What's cool about it?
Downtown Orlando starts and ends with Lake Eola. Circling the Lake Eola neighborhoods are beautiful homes, outdoor restaurants, upscale bars, dive bars, and nightclubs. The options are seemingly endless for a city with such a small skyline.

In Orlando, people always have reason to celebrate. Year round are major events that go on around Lake Eola and usually include some sort of fireworks. Take your significant other to the Lake and enjoy a swan boat ride.

How's the nightlife?
The nightlife is a major draw for people around the Central Florida area. It's not Miami but it's a dozen city blocks of rapidly expanding nightlife fun. Centered around Orange Ave, the best bars and clubs in town can be found off of this street. One of the newest and coolest draws to the area is the courtyard of bars huddled together near the theatre. Taco Tuesday is perhaps the funnest activity on a Tuesday you'll find in the state.

Church Street has remade itself several times over the years going from clubs/bars to family friendly to dead and back to clubs/bars. With some new bars popping up here and places to eat, don't expect this area to drop off the map anytime soon.

Anything to do besides drinking and events?
The great thing about the downtown area is the proximity to local history. You have brick streets that wind through the area and offering beautiful sights everywhere. You have proximity to the highways that give you the chance to explore other areas like UCF and I-Drive (about equal distance from eachother without traffic). The best part of being close to downtown is the ability to drive over to Winter Park for a quick stroll  through an incredibly gorgeous area.

Much of what is offered in Orlando is based on the rich history of the area. More and more out-of-staters are moving to Orlando and calling this place home. These people are bringing that large city appeal to a relatively small city. What do I call that? Affordable living in a fun area!

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