Are there student apartment communities near Full Sail?

Whether you're in community college, grad school or a digital trade school like Full Sail – Many young people want that quintessential college experience. While you won't be having mom and dad come down for move-in day at Full Sail's campus, you can still find some great student communities nearby Full Sail at a reasonable distance.

Besides location, the number one thing that prospective students want to know is – What kind of community am I moving into? The difference between a private rental/landlord-type situation and large apartment communities are vast. The difference between a large community in Winter Park compared to the UCF area is even more vast. You want to know what you're getting yourself into when you look for that special student community that offers a college experience. 

Go to the 407Apartment's Orlando Apartments Guide and notice the tab features to the left. Indicate the distance you want to live from Full Sail by entering Full Sail's address (3300 University Blvd  Winter Park, FL 32792) into the “Distance from my location” option. Most student communities are going to be closer to UCF where more traditional college students go, so be aware of the distance required. 

If you can help it, you want to be close to campus (I hope I don't need to point that out). The problem lies in the lack of student/college oriented communities right near Full Sail. Make a limit and set it in the filter. I would probably set that limit to no more than 4 miles as there is 5-o'clock traffic on University Blvd.

Take a look at the apartments that are filtered out. View the convenient map and take note of the ones closer to UCF. This is where more traditional-type college student living areas are and where you'll find the “college scene”. To make sure the community you want has that experience go through the filtered apartments and look for buzzwords like “convenient for UCF/Full Sail students”. 

Many student communities offer furnished apartments so that is a good filter to set as well. Utilities also may be all-inclusive in these easy-going living situations. Whatever your choice is, you'll have a blast mingling with college students.

The traditional Full Sail tends to be older and industry experienced. Make sure your living situation doesn't distract you from your goals as a Full Sail student. A college atmosphere probably wouldn't be the best but it's all based on individual's preference. Whatever it is, pick your area wisely and have fun!

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