I’m starting my first year at Full Sail and I don’t know anyone. Where should I live if I’m looking to meet other college students in the area and make friends?

While Full Sail University will give you plenty of opportunities to meet classmates and make new friends, Orlando is a huge city with young students from several nearby colleges and universities. Starting college can be overwhelming at times, but 407 Apartments provides you with the right resources and tools to find apartments near Full Sail that will make it easier to adjust.

There are several things you should be on the lookout for when starting your apartment search. Since you are new to the area, many communities offer free roommate matching services to help eliminate the stress of finding roommates on your own. You’ll have to honestly answer a series of questions to help the community gather information regarding your social habits, sleep schedule and tidiness. You will then be paired up with other candidates who share similar interests and lifestyles. Living with roommates reduces the cost of rent (another perk!), as prices generally decrease as the number of bedrooms goes up.

Depending on your personality, you may want to live alone or with other people. I personally think living with roommates is a great way to meet new people and is an important experience to have in life. However, if you would prefer to live in a single-room apartment then there are many other opportunities to socialize. You should search for communities with clubhouses, pools and fitness centers. Organized resident activities at any of these venues are a good chance to bond with your roommates or to introduce yourself to some of your neighbors. Oftentimes, communities will hold special breakfasts during exam weeks or pool parties over the summer.

Close proximity to the Full Sail University campus, or even the UCF campus, is another factor that could make it easier to meet people. You should start off on the right foot by becoming involved in different organizations, clubs and intramural sports teams. You will want to explore all of the apartments near Full Sail that offer residents a short commute to and from school. Our interactive search tool allows you to enter in the campus address and the maximum distance you are willing to be located away from it.

Don’t forget that Orlando is a huge city with lots of exciting activities and attractions for college students. Downtown offers plenty of restaurants and bars to choose from and local theme parks make for fun and non-awkward places to hang out with people you’ve just met. 407 Apartments has plenty of resources and tools to help you find perfect Full Sail apartments that will help you transition to the area and meet other students your age!

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