Orlando is a big city with lots of tourist attractions. I’m concerned that it lacks the atmosphere of a college town. Are there affordable apartment options, close to campus, for UCF college students?

Rest assured that many UCF college students love the lifestyle and fun attractions that Orlando has to offer! The UCF campus provides its Knights with all the perks of college life while downtown Orlando is full of tons of neat restaurants and bars that showcase the exciting nightlife in the area.

As with any area with nearby colleges and universities, apartment communities are mindful of the strict, and sometimes limited, budgets of college students. There are many inexpensive apartments near UCF that will fit your budget and offer a short commute to your classes.

Since you’re in search of inexpensive housing, there are a few factors that you should keep in mind throughout the apartment hunting process. Rent, or living expenses in general, make up most students’ largest monthly expense so it makes sense to begin your apartment search by narrowing down the selection to just those communities that are within your desired price range. Use our interactive search tool to first filter out apartments that are within your budget and then use the tool to explore additional criteria, such as community features or location.

Honestly access how much you can afford to pay on rent each month. A luxury apartment isn’t worth it if you start falling behind in rent payments (which can damage your credit and your ability to pay rent in the future). 407 Apartments can help make your search easier and guide you towards affordable UCF apartments that won’t break your bank.

Apartment communities that offer roommate-matching services can also help reduce the cost of rent. Roommate matching services, typically free of charge, eliminate the stress of finding roommates on your own. You will answer a series of questions to help the community gather information regarding your social habits, sleep schedule and tidiness. You will then be paired up with other candidates who share similar interests and lifestyles. Living with roommates reduces the cost of rent, as prices generally decrease as the number of bedrooms goes up.

When searching for apartments near UCF, it’s important to not just focus on the rent price. There are a number of other living expenses that may, or may not, be included in the monthly rent. Electric, cable and water are just a few services that can be additional costs if utilities are not covered through the rent. Be sure to check these facts early on before reaching a decision and committing to a rental agreement on paper.

UCF is one of the largest universities in the country with top-of-the-line facilities and access to great Florida weather. Students are also in a prime area for amazing internships and jobs. Don’t be intimidated by Orlando. Embrace all of the opportunities that a big city has to offer!

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