I own a dog and I’m looking for an apartment community with a pet-friendly policy. What are my options in Orlando?

As a pet owner you are looking for an apartment that meets your needs, but also for one that can safely and properly house your animal. Every community has a different policy in regards to pets, so it is always a good idea to check with the leasing agent before committing to a rental agreement on paper. Some communities only allow certain animals such as cats or fish, while others allow dogs (with varying weight restrictions). Fortunately, there are many Orlando apartments that allow tenants to have dogs in their homes.

Owning a pet, especially a dog, is a great idea in that it adds an extra sense of security. As a responsible renter, it is your duty to respect the apartment and your neighbors by minimizing the amount of property damage and noise. Sometimes leases include a charged fee or “pet deposit” that is meant to cover any damages incurred from having a pet in the apartment. If a lease doesn’t specify rules regarding pets then be sure to ask before signing it and set up written agreed upon terms with your leasing agent.

You should also considering creating a roommate contract to establish rules and responsibilities among you and the other tenants. If you don’t know the other roommates very well you should discuss whether or not they feel comfortable having a pet in the apartment before moving in. You might also want to consider the possibility of someone having allergies. Although you may own the dog and take care of it, sharing a space with an animal affects everyone living in the apartment and you want to ensure that your roommates are both happy and comfortable with the situation before moving in or deciding to purchase a pet.

Many apartments in Orlando offer free roommate-matching services, which can eliminate the stress of finding compatible roommates on your own. All you have to do is honestly answer certain questions regarding your habits, lifestyle and your pet ownership. By gathering this information, a community is more likely to match you with other roommates who will appreciate having a canine companion in their home.

If you and your pet like to stay active, use 407 Apartment’s interactive search tool to look up Orlando apartments that are located next to nature trails or find communities that feature their very own dog parks. These are excellent community features that give you and your pet a chance to enjoy the outdoors and take a break from the confines of an apartment.

Remember to be realistic about the size of the apartment and the size of your dog. You may stumble upon an apartment that fits all of your criteria, but if it’s too small for your dog then you will end up having lots of trouble and conflict in the future. Start searching for the perfect Orlando apartment today by accessing all of 407 Apartments’ resources and articles to help narrow down your choices.

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