I’m allergic to my future roommates pet; what should I do?

So you are allergic to your future roommates pet, and you are both looking at Full Sail apartments for a new home. I shouldn't have to tell you that choosing to live with something you are allergic too can cause some major problems; I am not here to convince you to do otherwise. It is possible to live comfortably in a situation like this, as long as some preparations and precautions are taken care of.

Now the first and only solution you may be able to come up with, is that the animal always needs to be in your roommate's room. I am here to tell you that that is just not fair. Animals like cats and dogs need adequate space to live and move around in, and should really have access to more of the apartment.

With that being said, I am not expected you to live in a state of torment. Regardless of which of the Full Sail apartments you are going to move into, there are some things that can be done to make the situation manageable so that you, your roommate and the animal can live happily. All that being said, the first thing you should address with your roommate is cleaning.

Animals shed a lot, and that is what is really going to be giving you problems. Your roommate needs to understand that it is his or her responsibility to clean up the hair often. If you have not decided on where you are going to be living, I suggest looking at Full Sail apartments that have wood floors. Wood floors don't trap animal dander well, and are much easier to clean. If you have carpet, your roommate is going to need to vacuum at least two to three times a week.

Another rule that should be understood is regarding the furniture. His pet should not be allowed on the furniture, as it will make your couch an extreme allergen zone. You will most likely have a harder time keeping cats off the furniture, as they like to get off the ground. If your roommates has cats, make sure that they have an alternative such as a cat tower so that they are less tempted to use the furniture. With a good alternative, you should not have a problem.

The final and most important thing you can do to make this whole situation livable, is to make your room a no pet zone. No matter what, animals should not ever be in your room. Your room needs to be a place that is completely free of animal hair and dander, so that you can sleep and work comfortably. This really shouldn't be a problem, just make sure that your roommate trains his pet not to wait outside your door and try to sneak in. Animals like to go where they are not supposed to.

To conclude this article, this is really the best advice I can give you from my personal experience as someone with allergies. Make sure your roommate cleans up after the fur, keep the pet off of the furniture, and keep your room sealed off. Follow these tips and you should be fine no matter which of the Full Sail apartments you both decide to live in.

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